More than Peloton, without a Peloton bike!

It’s been a long time since the last post on qdomyos-zwift aka QZ. So this will be a long post with a lot of new features!

So, no more chitchat, let’s talk about all that we did in the last few months!

New machinery supported:

  • All the bikes without bluetooth (you will need a cadence sensor, of course!)
  • Echelon Rower compatibility added
  • City Rower compatibility added
  • Life fitness bike compatibility added
  • DKN Motion bike compatibility added
  • Fitplus bike compatibility added
  • Sole elliptical compatibility added
  • XT485 treadmill experimental compatibility added
  • NPE Cable compatibily added!
  • iBiking+ bike compatibility added!
  • Chrono bikes compatibility added!
  • JLL IC400 bikes compatibility added!
  • Stages bikes compatibility added!
  • S77 treadmill compatibility added!

Features added:

  • Power Zone Pack support added! With this integration you will have more than a Peloton without a Peloton bike! Why? Because on the Power workouts, your bike will change the resistance automatically!
Power Zone Pack - About | Facebook
  • Apple watch now can close the circles with calories and distance!
  • Power-speed formula added: with this setting, you will be able to switch from your bike’s speed vs. Zwift speed
  • Cadence sensors added with/without a bike: if you have a bike with a faulty cadence sensor you can now integrate an external bluetooth cadence sensor in order ot merge the metrics!
  • Weight loss tile added
  • Backup and restore settings added
  • HR zones training programs added for treadmills and bikes
  • GPX import improved
  • Speed on strava fixed for Keiser’s bikes
  • Added a new algorithm to calculate Power from the bikes that don’t have a power sensors (all the dumb bikes, i mean without bluetooth)
  • Peloton offset time tile added
  • Average pace and max pace metrics added for treadmills!
  • Pace and speed tiles are now coloured
  • Peloton resistance conversion for domyos bike added!
  • Moving time tile added
  • Continuos moving setting added
  • Email at the end of the workout with all the metrics, charts, FIT file!
  • Crash issue on Zwift on iOS fixed!
  • KG to LBS conversion in the settings, finally!

And a lot of bug fixing, of course!

If something isn’t clear, please ask me here in the comments or join our amazing Facebook community! We are already 4000+ !

5 thoughts on “More than Peloton, without a Peloton bike!

  1. Hello!
    I bought the app! a very, very good app!
    Can connect to Zwift with no problems! Would like to try out Kinomap too! But I can’t handle it, I don’t know how I can connect to Kinomap (IPad) with your app (IPhone)!
    Maybe you can help me!?


    1. i guess kinomap doesn’t want FTMS device. Did you try to enable the peloton cadence sensor settings and restarting qz app?

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