More than Peloton, without a Peloton bike!

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It’s been a long time since the last post on qdomyos-zwift aka QZ. So this will be a long post with a lot of new features!

So, no more chitchat, let’s talk about all that we did in the last few months!

New machinery supported:

  • All the bikes without bluetooth (you will need a cadence sensor, of course!)
  • Echelon Rower compatibility added
  • City Rower compatibility added
  • Life fitness bike compatibility added
  • DKN Motion bike compatibility added
  • Fitplus bike compatibility added
  • Sole elliptical compatibility added
  • XT485 treadmill experimental compatibility added
  • NPE Cable compatibily added!
  • iBiking+ bike compatibility added!
  • Chrono bikes compatibility added!
  • JLL IC400 bikes compatibility added!
  • Stages bikes compatibility added!
  • S77 treadmill compatibility added!

Features added:

  • Power Zone Pack support added! With this integration you will have more than a Peloton without a Peloton bike! Why? Because on the Power workouts, your bike will change the resistance automatically!
Power Zone Pack - About | Facebook
  • Apple watch now can close the circles with calories and distance!
  • Power-speed formula added: with this setting, you will be able to switch from your bike’s speed vs. Zwift speed
  • Cadence sensors added with/without a bike: if you have a bike with a faulty cadence sensor you can now integrate an external bluetooth cadence sensor in order ot merge the metrics!
  • Weight loss tile added
  • Backup and restore settings added
  • HR zones training programs added for treadmills and bikes
  • GPX import improved
  • Speed on strava fixed for Keiser’s bikes
  • Added a new algorithm to calculate Power from the bikes that don’t have a power sensors (all the dumb bikes, i mean without bluetooth)
  • Peloton offset time tile added
  • Average pace and max pace metrics added for treadmills!
  • Pace and speed tiles are now coloured
  • Peloton resistance conversion for domyos bike added!
  • Moving time tile added
  • Continuos moving setting added
  • Email at the end of the workout with all the metrics, charts, FIT file!
  • Crash issue on Zwift on iOS fixed!
  • KG to LBS conversion in the settings, finally!

And a lot of bug fixing, of course!

If something isn’t clear, please ask me here in the comments or join our amazing Facebook community! We are already 4000+ !

13 thoughts on “More than Peloton, without a Peloton bike!

  1. Hello!
    I bought the app! a very, very good app!
    Can connect to Zwift with no problems! Would like to try out Kinomap too! But I can’t handle it, I don’t know how I can connect to Kinomap (IPad) with your app (IPhone)!
    Maybe you can help me!?


    1. i guess kinomap doesn’t want FTMS device. Did you try to enable the peloton cadence sensor settings and restarting qz app?

  2. First off, great work on the app. Knowing about it really opened up my buying options. I’m looking at buying a Proform Tour de France CBC. It has digital/automatic resistance. With these new updates to your app, will Zwift be able to automatically change my resistance?

  3. Are you looking to apply the app to the Velocore? (Or did I miss it 😅) I’m looking to purchase one and plan to get your app too if it is compatible.

    1. I don’t know this bike. If you want you could buy and then you can contact me with a nrfconnect screenshot and I will add it!

  4. I use your app with the Yessoul bike and it work great, however it does not register my Bluetooth heart rate monitor.
    The heart rate monitor brand is Jarv.
    Other app can connect and show my heart rate fine.
    Please add option to connect Bluetooth heart rate monitor as well.

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