Connect any indoor bike with your Garmin device

I have an AMAZING news for all the Garmin users!

You can now finally have Speed, Wattage and Cadence on your Garmin Edge or Garmin Watch via Ant+!

This means that you’re finally able to send ALL (not only cadence!) metrics from your spin bikes like Echelon, Proform, Nordictrack, Schwinn, Yesoul, …(virtually any! just ask me here below in the comments about the compatibility with your bike)

This is fixing the Why my sensor can’t connect to a Garmin device?


  • QZ app 2.13.93 or above (ask me it here in the comment if you don’t see this version in the store)
  • Android Phone with ANT+ or an Android Phone without ANT+ with a ANT+ USB Dongle
  • Unfortunately iPhone are out of this game because they don’t have ANT+, but there is a good news: since QZ is working on any android device, you can simple buy a very cheap android device and you’re ready to go!

Remember to install and Install all the software required to have all the green check marks there!

Then your garmin device will see QZ over ant+ like a power, cadence, speed sensor!

A Android Pixel 6A with ANT+ USB Stick and my Garmin Edge 530 all in sync with my Proform bike via Wifi!

10 thoughts on “Connect any indoor bike with your Garmin device

  1. Hi. Your most recent QZ update has changed my tiles–added a new one, and at least one of the tiles that showed results in color before is now just in white. I can deal with the new tile, but I can’t find any way to change the Pace tile back to showing results in green/orange/red, which I’m used to and rely on for quick checks while I’m working out.

    Is there a way to turn the colors back on, please?

    1. Hi Nancy, you can disable the new tile in case (which one?)

      also i changed color only for rowers. which device are you using?

    1. Hi Roberto – I have a Proform TdF bike, model number PFEVEX71316. I have been using ifit software for the past 4 years and have ridden most of the workouts available. I’m keen to try your app with another software provider – Rouvy or Zwift. Will it be possible do you think?

  2. Hello, I recently purchased a Yesoul G1 Screen Bike, and while I love the bike, it would really be nice for the stats like heart rate, etc from my Apple Watch to be recorded to the Apple Health. I was looking into your QZ – qdomyos-zwift app but didn’t know if you had a tester for the Yesoul G1 bike, I think you had asked if anyone had a S3, not sure if they are the same or not? But I’d be happy to be a guinea pig for you if you wanted to test the G1 bike for me?

    Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in? If your app is compatible let me know and I’ll make sure and download it ASAP to test it out, but I thought I’d ask first. 🙂


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