QZ and Peloton Row Classes

As you may read, Peloton finally released Row classes for the Digital Members!

This means that now you can enjoy the row peloton classes with any bluetooth rower with QZ!

(Concept2, Proform, Echelon, SmartRow, Whipr, Domyos, Xiaomi, and much more!)

Also on Android you can connect via USB PM3 and PM4 without any other apps!

You need QZ version 2.13.80 or above! Ask me it down here if you can’t see this version on the store.

2 thoughts on “QZ and Peloton Row Classes

  1. Echelon row. Which models does this work with? Does it work with the row-s, or just the Bluetooth ones?

    And what is the $1.99/month? Is that to use it, or is it optional?

    1. qz works with all the echelon rower as far as i know, all the echelon rowers have the bluetooth, isn’t it?

      for the 1.99$ it’s a way to support the development but it’s not mandatory

      Let me know if you have any other questions

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