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User Guide for Echelon Bike Users (thanks G.R. Regas!)

The qDomyos-Zwift app developed by Roberto Viola for iOS and Android allows users to create a Bluetooth connection between a treadmill or exercise bike and the popular online, virtual training world of Zwift. The qDomyos-Zwift app also allows users to create a customizable dashboard displaying various real-time metrics including elapsed time, speed, cadence, resistance, instantaneous output, average output, and power training zone among others. Furthermore, the qDomyos-Zwift app allows users to record and save workout sessions in .FIT or .GPX file format to upload your activity to fitness sites such as Strava, Garmin, MapMyFitness, etc. 

Here are a few basic user instructions to help new users get started:

Purchasing & Downloading the app:

It’s always a good idea before downloading any new apps, to ensure that your devices operating system is up to date. Most apps are maintained to work best on the most recent operating system. 

Purchases of this app are connected to your App Store Account 

Also, there is a Facebook Group dedicated to this app – search for qdomyos-zwift to find it.

Configuring App Settings:

Before using the app the first time it is recommended to configure the settings according to your needs. They can be adjusted later as well.

NOTE: Each time you make a change in the settings menu, you must close the app completely and reopen it in order for the changes to take effect. Each time the app restarts, it will retain the settings from the previous session. 

GENERAL OPTIONS – These options are used in general calculations, communication and display within the app and behind the scenes.

  • Enter user weight in kilograms
  • Enter user FTP Value – for more information visit: Peloton Power Zone Basics
  • Heart Belt Name: select your heart rate belt if you have one or leave it to disabled if you don’t have any. If your heart rate will not appear, just click the “REFRESH DEVICES LIST” button and wait 10-20 seconds and check again the combo list. Apple Watch users: leave this setting disabled.
  • Refresh Devices List: press this to refresh the Heart Belt list
  • Use Miles Unit in UI: Toggle on for Miles/Off for Kilometers
  • Cadence Sensor (Peloton Compatibility): Toggle On to allow Peloton Digital App (iOS Only) to see qDomyos App as a Cadence Sensor and display cadence on screen within Peloton Digital App (iOS Only)
  • Heart Rate Service Outside FTMS: For iOS Users and Android Users using Android v9.0 or older, this setting enables the qDomyos App to create a new bluetooth service for the heart rate instead of adding it to FTMS. In short: If you are not using Android v10.0+ and you use qDomyos with zwift, leave it enabled, in all the other cases, disable it.
  • Zwift Resistance Offset: Forget about gears. You need to get yourself into the mindset of being on a Fixie (single geared bike). You’re best thinking of this setting as your fixed, single gear. It’s like the gear you feel comfortable spinning on a flat with. This will differ depending on your strength and fitness, so you’ll want to play about with it.
    Note: this setting is only applicable for bikes supporting electronically controlled resistance.
  • Zwift Resistance Gain: This scales the resistance taken from your bike before reporting it to Zwift. Logically, the default is set to 1. But if you’re feeling a disconnect in speed between what you’re doing and what you’re seeing reflected on screen in Zwift then you may want to consider tweaking this. For example, a value of 1.25 will result in a 25% faster visual speed in Zwift, since this is determined by your resistance and cadence. It’s worth mentioning this is technically “gaming” or cheating Zwift so you need to weigh up the importance you place on virtual simulation vs a real world simulation.
    Note: this setting is only applicable for bikes supporting electronically controlled resistance
  • Top Bar Enabled: Toggle On for treadmill users to show “Start”, “Stop” and Connection Status Details at the top of the dashboard screen, toggle off for bike users

TILE OPTIONS – These options determine which tiles are visible within the customizable dashboard.

  • Speed – Toggle on to display speed in “Miles per Hour” or “Kilometers per Hour”
  • Inclination (Treadmill Only) – Toggle on to display treadmill incline
  • Cadence (Bike Only) – Toggle on to display bike pedal cadence in rpm.
  • Elevation (Treadmill Only) – Toggle on to display total elevation gain
  • Calories – Toggle on to see estimated calories burned during session
  • Odometer – Toggle on to see estimated distance traveled during session
  • Pace (Treadmill Only) – Toggle on to see current pace per km or mile
  • Resistance (Bike Only) – Toggle on to see resistance as broadcast by bike – for example value 1 – 32 for Echelon Brand Bikes
  • Watt – Toggle on to see an instantaneous display of the amount of power you are producing in Watts; in other words a measure of how hard you are working
  • AVG Watt – Toggle on to see the average power produced for the duration of the session
  • FTP% – Toggle on to see an instantaneous display of the percentage of FTP and Power Zone (Z1 – Z7), refer to Power Zones
  • Heart – Toggle on to see real time heart rate display from separate heart rate strap, compatible fitness device, or Apple Watch
  • Fan (Treadmill Only) – See and control built-in treadmill fan speed
  • Joules – Toggle on to see the cumulate power produced during the session. 1 Watt = 1 Joule/Second 
  • Elapsed  – Toggle on to see total time elapsed from beginning of session
  • Peloton Resistance (Bike Only) – Toggle on to see resistance converted from bike brand resistance scale (i.e. Echelon 1-32) to Peloton resistance (1-100) so that riders can more easily follow instructors guidance.

Experimental Features (as of January 5, 2021): 

  • Relaxed Bluetooth for mad devices: use only in case you lose connection to your bike or treadmill every 30 seconds.
  • Simulate Battery Service: useful if you want to connect qDomyos-Zwift to Garmin/Polar watch
  • Service Changed Service: you should never use this.
  • Virtual Device: it should be always on. This setting, if off, will disable the ability to use peloton or zwift. The user can disabled it just to assist in diagnosing phone/tablet Bluetooth issues.

 Connecting an Echelon Bike to Zwift:

Using a spin bike on Zwift has a number of benefits including structured training, social community, and connection to 3rd party apps like Strava, Garmin, TrainingPeaks, MapMyRide, etc. 

To connect an Echelon Exercise Bike to Zwift, you will need the following:

  • Echelon Connect Bike (EX-1LE, EX-3, EX-5, EX-5S, Connect Sport, Connect Prime)
  • iOS or Android Device Running qDomyos-Zwift App
  • Separate Device (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or AppleTV) Running Zwift – Note, this must be a separate device from the device running the qDomyos-Zwift app. Check Zwift.com for minimum system requirements.
  1. Ensure your bike is plugged in. Pedal a bit to “wake up” your bike. 
  2. On iOS/Android device open the qDomyos-Zwift App. It should automatically detect and connect to your bike and begin displaying metrics.
  3. Connect Heart Rate Monitor to qDomyos-Zwift App:
    1.  Apple Watch – Ensure qDomyos-Zwift Watch App is running – it may take up to 1 min for the watch app to begin displaying heart rate.
    2. Other Heart Rate Monitor – it may take up to 30 second to connect to the HRM
  4. On a separate device open Zwift. Log in.
  5. When you reach the device pairing screen:
    1. First Pair Power Source – Selecting the iOS/Android Device running qDomyos-Zwift App
    2. Second Pair Cadence Source – Selecting the iOS/Android Device running qDomyos-Zwift App
    3. Third Pair Heart Rate Source – Selecting the iOS/Android Device.

From this point, you should be ready to get Zwifting.  If you experience issues connecting devices, please check/try the following:

  • Confirm that qDomyos-Zwift App and Zwift are running on separate devices.
  • Try closing all apps on both devices and starting again fresh.
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device that is running Zwift app. To resolve BLE Pairing Issues on a MacBook visit this helpful page: Zwift Support: MAC BLE Pairing Issues
  • Ensure that Cadence Sensor (Peloton Compatibility) Setting is toggled off in qDomyos-Zwift App. Remember when you change a setting you need to close the app and reopen the app.
  • Try unplugging your bike for 10 seconds and plugging it back in. 

Using the qDomyos – Zwift App with Echelon Bike & Peloton Digital App

Two Device Solution for iOS:

For this solution, you will need the following:

  • Echelon Connect Bike (EX-1LE, EX-3, EX-5, EX-5S, Connect Sport, Connect Prime)
  • iOS Device Running qDomyos-Zwift App
  • Optional: Heart Rate Monitor or Apple Watch – If you want to use your Apple Watch as a Heart Rate monitor then you will need to run the qDomyos-Zwift App on the iPhone that is paired with your Apple Watch
  • iOS/iPadOS Device Running Peloton Digital App

Peloton Digital App on iOS/iPadOS is capable of displaying cadence and heart rate from an external sensor, which is how it will see qDomyos-Zwift App. This is not possible on other OS (Android, AppleTV, FireStick, etc.) or in the browser-based version of Peloton workouts. This may be desirable because using this information, the Peloton Digital App will record your Cadence and Heart Rate performance within the “Workouts” section of your profile.  However, it will not record things like distance or output.  

To display Cadence and Heart Rate in Peloton Digital App on iOS follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your bike is plugged in. Pedal a bit to “wake up” your bike. 
  2. On iOS device open the qDomyos-Zwift App. It should automatically detect and connect to your bike and begin displaying metrics.
  3. Connect Heart Rate Monitor to qDomyos-Zwift App:
    1.  Apple Watch:
      1. Launch qDomyos-Zwift App on Apple Watch. If it is not installed you may need to go into the Apple Watch App on your paired iPhone and install the qDomyos-Zwift App onto your Apple Watch
      2. Press (Long) Start on qDomyos-Zwift App on Apple Watch. Confirm Heart Rate is displayed on qDomyos-Zwift App on Apple Watch and on iPhone
    2. Other Heart Rate Monitor – no actions are required from the user
  4. On second iOS/iPadOS device open Peloton Digital App
  5. Select your workout and begin workout
  6. Tapping on the screen will bring up a series of icons on the right hand side of the screen as seen below:
  1. Tap on the sensor icon indicated in the image above. Which will display the following “Connected Devices” selection box:
  1. Tap on either Heart Rate or Cadence.
  2. The next screen should show you the name of the device that is running the qDomyos-Zwift App. For example “John’s iPhone”. Select your device. 
  3. To add the other sensor display to your screen, repeat the process – tap screen, select sensors icon, tap Cadence, select your device. You should be able to see Heart Rate and Cadence within the Peloton Digital App on iOS/iPadOS:

If you run the Peloton Digital App on an OS other than iOS/iPadOS you can simply use the qDomyos-Zwift App as your “bike computer” to track all the necessary metrics during your Peloton workout.  This allows you to use the qDomyos-Zwift App Settings to customize the tiles which are displayed including Cadence, Echelon Resistance, Peloton Resistance (automatically calculated to align with Peloton coaches instructions), Output (Watts), FTP % (Power Zone), Heart Rate, and more.

For example:

Transferring to Data to Strava

Another great feature of the qDomyos-Zwift App is the ability to save a workout in .GPX or .FIT format that can then be uploaded to your favorite fitness tracking service such as Strave, Garmin, MapMyFitness, etc. If your preferred service will accept .FIT files that is the preferable format.

Important: when you open the qDomyos-Zwift app, it immediately begins recording a workout session. Therefore following these steps will download a complete file from the moment you opened the app. So, if you want a “clean” file for a workout, close the app and reopen it to begin a new workout record.

The following is the process for uploading a .FIT file to Strava:

  1. Immediately when you complete your workout, tap the menu button on the qDomyos-Zwift App.
  2. Select Save .FIT (or .GPX if necessary). This will save a .FIT file into the qDomyos-Zwift Folder on your device. For instance, on an iPhone, look inside the Files App → Click Browse and find the qDomyos-Zwift App:

Within that folder you can use the menu button to change the way the files are displayed and the order in which they are displayed so that the most recent file is displayed at the top.

  1. Strava only allows manual file uploads through it’s website (not it’s mobile app). But, you can do this from your mobile device.
    1. Go to Strava.com
    2. Click on menu (top left) and click Log In. Logging in will likely force the mobile app to open on your phone.
    3. Switch back to your browser.
    4. Open the browser menu (3 dots at the bottom right on Chrome; Two letter A’s at the top left of Safari) and “Request the Desktop Site.
    5. Open Strava Site Menu (3 lines at top right) Scroll all the way down below your profile name and select Upload Activity.
    6. Select File from the left hand navigation menu.
    7. Select Choose File. Select Browse. This will open the File Browser App on your iPhone.
    8. Navigate to the qDomyoszwift folder on your iPhone. Select your .FIT or .GPX file. This will take you back to Strava page.
    9. Strava will process for a few seconds. Then click “Save and View” in the the lower right corner of the web page. The workout will now be on the Strava Web Site and the Strava Mobile App. From there you can edit, add comments, add photos, etc.

Note: Some metrics and graphs will only be available with Strava Subscription ~ USD $5/month.  

Apple Watch Integration

Remember to enable all the permissions in order to have Heart Rate value in qdomyos-zwift from your Apple Watch

Peloton Auto Resistance

Zwift Integration

FulGaz Integration

RGT Integration

770 thoughts on “qdomyos-zwift Guide

  1. HI!
    I bought your app and basically I turned all settings on my echelon connects to your app just fine.

    In a second device I have the peloton app, I will state the obvious I do have the bluetooth on on both devices. I bring up the peloton app but it doesn’t find the bike. I saw your video o. YouTube & I think I’m doing it right but it doesn’t work 🙁

    Any advice will be very helpful & thank you for writing this app!

    Kindly regards,

      1. Hi,

        Great app! I have an echeLon ex3 bike but the candence monitor doesn’t work. I have purchased a separate cadence monitor (wahoo). Can I connect my ex3 bike to your app (for resistance, etc) and the wahoo to monitor the cadence?



          1. Hi,

            Using the app in combination with Iconsole+ 0005 and garmin FR745. Power is transmitted correctly, speed presented in watch is far lower than on Iconsole+ (e.g 1.2 km/hr vs 25km/hr).

            Do I need to calobratr something?

          2. I connected the app to my horizon treadmill, but it’s not following any of the peloton tread call outs.

      2. Hello roberto
        First of all. Great work and thanks for making this application.
        One question, the programs in this app do control the bike right? So I do not need to manually change things.
        Also could I make a program myself and save it so I could use later?

          1. App is great with my echelon gt+. I had heard the bridge function would allow it to connect to holofit on the quest 2. It doesn’t appear on the list, though. Am I doing something wrong or does this not actually work? Sorry if this has been asked before. I’m new.

          2. Hi! Yes holofit is compatible! Which issue do you have with it? Where qz is running Android or iOS?

          3. I assume it’s my phone that I’m supposed to connect to holofit, but it doesn’t show up. Pretty much every other bluetooth device I have does (including the bike if I shut down QZ). I’m running android.

          4. Going in the right direction. I renamed an older phone I have to bike (my current one connects to too many things to rename) and it showed up. I selected it and it turned orange with a little moving diamond logo next to it and the bike icon lit up. Hoping that’s right. When I try to start a ride, though, no data shows on the screen and the in game bike doesn’t move. Like I said, I feel like I’m getting closer.

        1. Hi Roberto, really enjoying the app, thanks.

          Is there a way to control when the app starts recording? I would prefer that it doesn’t start until i press play

          1. yea it’s already the original behavior. you can select in the setting if the app should start in paused mode

        2. Hi, I downloaded the app for the Garmin watch (remix 5) , as you suggested, but it still not showing the heart rate in the QZ app. My watch is normally working and it is connected to my phone by the Garmin Connect app, where I can see the heart rate.

          1. you need to have the beta for qz too and enable the new garmin companion setting. send me an email if you don’t see the beta (2.13.30 version)

          1. Hi. App looks great and finds my treadmill no problem. I’ve got a horizon paragon x treadmill, I can’t control the speed or incline from the app. Just wondering if there’s a work around with the firmware so I can use it for auto incline.

          2. Hi did you enable the horizon paragon x setting under the horizon treadmill setting in the app?

    1. Hi,

      I got everything set up and working in Zwift. I noticed however that when I stop pedalling the app is still reporting a power of 17w.

      Even if I’m not on the bike for 5 minutes it’s still reporting this value. What should I tweak to address this?

    2. Not sure if this was a waste of money
      My Proform TDF bike doesn’t connect at all
      My be a decent physical explanation on how to get bikes to connect
      Mine runs WiFi
      Your app shows Television s available an my laptop but nothing else
      So in my mind your app won’t work with Proform bikes

      1. Hi Mark, does your bike has a builtin tablet? If so, it’s under development. Join the Facebook qz community to have updates

    3. Any suggestions on getting a Kindle Fire to connect to an Echelon EX3? Bluetooth says that it can’t connect because of an incorrect PIN or passkey so your app doesn’t see it. Any thoughts?

    4. Old Samsung Galaxy S8 will identify and connect to my echelon but then drops the connection. No longer detects. If I unplug power and plug back in it can identify and connect again but then almost immediately disconnects?

    5. I have the Echelon ex 4s bike that I bought from Costco. I notice that you have listed Echelon ex 3 ex 5 etc but the 4s is not listed. Just wander if the ex 4s will be supported in future.

      Jim Sullivan

  2. Hello and thanks for the job.

    I tried everything but I can’t connect the app to Zwift. My Domyos device is connected to the app and Zwift open on my MacBook but there is no connection between app an Zwift. I did all you said and all said by Zwift for the BLE issues on Mac but still nothing…

    Please Help


    1. Hi, in order to use it on the pc you should use the ZWIFT companion app from another device. Zwift on PC has usually issue with direct connection to phones

      1. Nice work on the app!

        I noticed that when you switch to/from portrait and landscape on the iOS app the the tiles don’t re-center correctly.

        Is that a bug you’re aware of?

          1. Hi. My Echelon EX-3 continues to connect/disconnect every time I walk past/near/semi-near the bike. Anyway to fix this besides turning Bluetooth off? Thanks so much!

          2. Auto resistance has been inconsistent last few weeks between my Echelon bike and Peloton rides. Can this be fixed please?

        1. Any chance of making an Apple TV version of the app?
          I was thinking about adding a small tv screen to an Echelon bike, and it would be really handy to be able to run from there.

          1. yeah it’s possible but there are 2 issues:
            1) i don’t have an apple tv to test it 🙂
            2) i don’t think apple will allow the actual UI to be used as an apple tv UI. So maybe i can try to send you a beta on test flight to test it out. Send me an email to roberto.viola83@gmail.com as a reminder


      2. I have to been able to connect QZ on my Android to Zwift running on my PC. Based on your Comment above, it sounds like you are saying that I should run the companion app on a 3rd device and connect QZ to that app/device?

          1. Thanks for your quick response

            Yes – I did try that but it’s not working. Here is my setup…
            Bike: Echelon Connect EX3
            QZ Device: Android v
            Main Zwift Device : Window 10 PC
            Zwift Companion Device: Android v

            My Observations
            – QZ connects to Echelon directly and controls resistance (no problem there)
            – When Main Zwift PC is configured to “Use Built-In Bluetooth”, it successfully connects to the QZ
            Android as a Power Source but then flashes “No Signal”. Zwift will not connect to the QZ Android
            as a Controllable (Zwift does not find the Android device)
            – When Main Zwift PC is configured to “Use Zwift Companion”, it successfully connects to the QZ
            Android as a Power Source AND Controllable, but then flashes “No Signal”. When I try start a
            Zwift Ride, it shows the connected Power Source and Controllable, but the the Power output is
            Zero when I pedal (No Signal).

            Any suggestions?

            Also – I have Assioma power meter pedals on the Echelon. They are connecting to a Garmin Bike computer (Ant+). I hope to use this data to calibrate the QZ/Echelon/Zwift Power readings using QZ Gain/Filter settings.

          2. Which android device do you have? It’s sound to me that doesn’t have the capabilities to connect and acts as a peripheral at the same time. Do you have another android?

          3. Your comment below regarding my phone did not give me an option to “Rispondi” so I’ll reply here. Both phones I have are LG Stylo 4’s running Android v9. Unfortunately I don’t have another Android . I guess I could try loading your app on my wife’s iPhone as a test. What do you think?

            Thanks so much for you continued help. Let me know if you would like me to move this discussion to email.

          4. Hi there. We are having trouble connecting erg to our dkn am3i. The app resistance changes work with free ride but the watt changes do not register in workout mode

            Is there a fix for this please?

  3. When setting up peloton app with apple watch and the app for echelon bike, will the settings in peloton app be remembered or do we have to manually connect to external device for heart rate and cadence in peloton app every time we start it?

        1. Hi, are you on ios? Are you using Zwift? I made backup files in the files app, qdomyoszwift folder every minute

  4. Hi, my phone is just not detecting the cadence, I already changed everything as your guide but nothing is working, hope you can help me

  5. Hi Roberto!

    Thank you so much for writing this app. I have an Echelon EX-5 and am able to see the data in Zwift and Peleton. In qDomyos-Zwift, I see the buttons for (+) and (-) resistance. Is there the possibility that these can control the resistance on the Echelon bikes in a future update or, is it not possible at all?

    Thanks again for your hard work and for starting/supporting this community.

    -Rob A

  6. Hi Roberto, thanks for making this awesome app! I’m wondering if the app can sync with my Fitbit, which has a heart rate monitor. Thanks!

  7. Roberto, basic question here. Is there I need to end the work out on my echelon bike running w/ QZ on iOS? I have the start pause buttons hidden. So when I’m done and I stop peddling the time stops counting, but is there some other way to signal to the app that I am done with my workout?

      1. Thanks for the reply. I am really wondering if there is a way to force the workout to sync in Apple Health. I’m still not seeing it, though I did get credit for the exercise time.

          1. Ah, ok I will try that. I was hoping to skip that step but I will give it a go. Thanks again.

        1. I’m having the same issue. Uploads directly to Strava, but won’t push over to Apple Health as well. I’m using the phone app because I don’t see a way to get the Apple Watch version to connect to my bike. Thanks for your help. Love the app!

          1. Don’t you see the QZ on the watch? You have to connect first the fitness device to qz on the phone as you usually do and then ALSO the watch app and press start there too. Then at the end of the workout press stop on the watch first

            Let me know

        2. I’m having the same issue. Uploads directly to Strava, but won’t push over to Apple Health as well. I’m using the phone app because I don’t see a way to get the Apple Watch version to connect to my bike. Thanks for your help. Love the app! I have everything synced up between Apple Health and Strava as well.

          1. Don’t you see the QZ on the watch? You have to connect first the fitness device to qz on the phone as you usually do and then ALSO the watch app and press start there too. Then at the end of the workout press stop on the watch first

            Let me know

  8. Hi, seem to have an issue, purchased the app and it connects to my IC8 straight away which is excellent. I’ve installed it on my Apple Watch and can get the heart rate to show on the QZ app – also great. Having a little trouble connect the iPad to the iPhone to display the information in the Peloton app. The iPad doesn’t seem to pick up my iPhone QZ app. Also a question on the Peloton Tile – how do I interrupt the information displayed. My bike is on level 3 and the Peloton is showing 30, does that mean the equivalent Peloton resistance is 30? Excellent app by the way, keep up the great work. Regards Vernon

      1. So now it works on your ipad? About peloton tile: yes it means that your peloton equivalent resistance is 30. Does it answer to your question?

  9. Very good tool. I love it : )
    My bike is a yesoul s3. Is it possible to connect it to Kinomap too? What are the successful settings?
    Thanks for your effort…

      1. Ciao Roberto,

        ho scaricato la tua app per la mia cyclette Domyos. Anche nel mio caso, dopo 10 minuti di utilizzo, l’app si disconnette improvvisamente. Il problema è dato proprio dal collegamento app-cyclette, in quanto ho provato a usare unicamente l’app (senza connessione a Zwift su Ipad), e si nota molto bene che il collegamento cade dopo circa 10 min.

        Hai qualche suggerimento? Grazie

      2. Hi Roberto! I’m just beginning to use this app and navigating the integrations.

        I’m wondering if there will be a future where the WATTS sync with the Peloton app (while riding an Echelon)?

          1. Hello! Thanks for getting back to me. I found out that I was using the wrong metric – I should have been using Joules because that’s the one that’s equivalent to Peleton output?

            If so, is this something that we can track and sync in the peloton app or do they not manage this either? I want to be able to see it here (image attached).

            Thank you!

          2. No, peloton just manage cadence and heart rate 🙂 you should use strava to keep track of it

  10. Buonasera. Ho appena scaricato l’applicazione qdomyoszwift ma i km/h reali con quelli dell’app sono troppo diversi.
    Attendo vostre notizie

    1. Hi, I have just purchased a pro form tdf 4.0 but I can’t seem to connect it to the app? Can you help please? Thank you. Iain

  11. Hello Roberto,

    I have purchased this application, do not connect to my yesoul S3 bike from Samsung galaxy note 3 android 5.0.

    It connects to Yesoul bike from Huawei mate 10 pro but can not transfer information to Zwift or any other cycling app.

    Thank you for your support.

    1. ok let’s talk about galaxy note 3 first: could you send me the debug log of it to roberto.viola83@gmail.com ? i guess you have just to enable the location services.

      huawei issue: what do you see on zwift?
      anyway join the qdomyos-zwift facebook group or write me by email, is easier 🙂

  12. Dear Roberto ! Just using Zwift with your app. Everything seems to work fine except the speed which is much too slow. Your app shows 25kph but Zwift just 9kph. This is frustrating! Any idea? Grazie – Eduard

    1. Hi Zwift recalculates the speed based on the power output. So you need to increase the resistance in order to speed up 🙂 this is how zwift works 😉

    2. Grazie Roberto. I understand now. Ok. The problem is that I am too weak. I am on resistance 40 / 100 and producing 70W but just on 9km/h. To get an acceptable speed of 23km/h I need to set resistance to 60 or more and reach about 100W. But I can not keep this level for more than a few minutes. Is there any trick to solve that? Is there any other app that accepts your system, like Zwift? Grazie Eduard

  13. Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble changing my resistance in Zwift, manually and thru the app. It will cap my resistance (while in a race) to, say 9, and I cannot increase my resistance to anything above that. Becuz of that I’m stuck at 80 watts the entire race and it is very frustrating. Is there anyway I can remove/adjust this resistance limit? I remember it working fine before I updating the app.

    1. Which bike do you have? If it’s an Echelon now you have controlled resistance!!
      You should just put swift offset to 20 and gain to 1. Also you can adjust the difficulty with the target resistance tile and buttons plus and minus. In the beta i also added a setting to exclude the controlled resistance

      1. Hi there. Application is great but it froze and lose connection with my bike (yesoul S3) while I am riding. I even switched of blue tooth connection with my smart watch, but the problem continues. In such situation I have to switch off and on application but I lose data on Zwift and can’t reconnect. Any advise?

          1. Not sure what join the beta means. I purchased your application like month ago via Play Store for Android phone (redmi note 9 pro)

          2. from the play store page of qz in the bottom, join the beta and follow the video i guess it’s releated to your issue

  14. Hi! The app is so good, thank you! Do any Garmin watches link up the heart rate to your app / peleton app please?


    1. Yes i guess for example all the forerunner do. And If you are on Android you can use ant+ with all the Garmin watches!

      1. Hello.

        How can I use your app on iOS AND on Echelon’s EX-5S screen (an android tablet) at the same time?

        If the bike connects to iPhone, I cant connect to the bike’s tablet. If the bike connects to its tablet, I cant connect it to your app in my iPhone.

  15. Hi!

    I love this app but I’ve run into a problem that I can’t seem to fix. I’m using a Bowflex C6 bike and I’ve had no problems with the app communicating with the bike. However, today when I do the usual setup, the app detects the cadence and the resistance for maybe 10 seconds and then freezes and no longer displays the current stats from the bike. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


  16. Hello, I’m thinking of getting the EX-3, your app being one of the contributing factors to this decision.

    I have a couple questions if you don’t mind me asking.

    I have bought the app in anticipation (looks good), how would I get the beta you mention that allows Zwift to control the resistance (is the magnetic resistance actually electronic then on the EX-3)?

    Is it likely that Zwift would block your app as they might see it as power number modifying?

    Could Echelon release a firmware update for the bike that would stop it working?

    I’m guessing you can’t predict the future, but knowing how the technology works I thought you might be able to hazard a guess if these things are possible or likely. I don’t want to spend that much money on a bike that could then stop working the way I want to use it due to one of the above making changes, and would look for a bike with ANT+ instead.


    1. Hi, for the beta you should write me by email.
      For zwift, i don’t change watt more than 25% so is unlikely.
      For Echelon, you should just not update the firmware 😉

      1. Thank you for the reply.

        I will email you for the beta when I have the bike and have tested the release version.

        I had looked at the Echelon firmware update process, and it certainly isn’t something they will do automatically 🙂

        I do have another quick question. I have a Garmin Fenix 6, and record my outside activities with that, it then syncs to Strava. Can I get the app to sync directly to Garmin rather than Strava, and would it work with the Fenix 6 trainer integration (my phone has ANT+ built in).

        This is the functionality I am referring to.


        Thanks again.

  17. I brought this app today. Worked for 2 minutes then so sending a signal. The app stays open for a couple of seconds then closes. I have a echelon connect sport. Once the app closes on its on it will not detect the bike again until I reset the app. However this doesn’t get it to start sending signals again. Anyway to fix this?

  18. I am a beginner with echelon sport bike and have some free months of echelon membership, The problem I’m trying to solve is that I own a garmin ant+ HRM that can’t connect to the echelon app due to lack of bluetooth in the HRM.

    Will your app broadcast HRM data to the echelon fitness app? I have two devices: ios with echelon installed and an android that I could use for your app.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi, until the last update of Echelon app, yes. But now they changed something and i have to fix the compatility with the virtual Echelon device settings. I guess I will release a new beta for this during this week

  19. Hi Roberto. Thanks for your great app. I am using and iPhone 12 and iPad Pro both with latest versions of IOS.
    I have managed to connect to Zwift and that all works fine however if I use the Peleton app I click for it to search for devices and it doesn’t find any at all to connect to. I am using the same method as I do for Zwift and Bluetooth is enabled in the app. Do you have any help please?

  20. Hello Roberto
    I am a new user of Qdomyos-Zwift.

    Smartphone: Samsung J24+, Android 9 (runs your app)
    Tablet: Telfast M40, Android 10 (runs Zwift)
    Treadmill: Decathlon Intense Run

    From Zwift, I can easily pair “Run speed” and “Heart Monitor”, but “Cadence” will simply not pair, nothing is detected. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to another phone to try it.

    I can control the treadmill when using your app, but on the Zwift app my avatar won’t move.

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. Cadence is not transmitted by your treadmill, so it’s correct: you will not see it.

      For zwift and speed: try to put your phone name as “run” and reboot your phone

      1. Hi Roberto

        OK, now I understand why cadence was not working.

        But still no go…
        1 – I changed bluetooth device ID from “ms” (a very short name) to “run” as suggested
        2 – Rebooted the phone (and I messed up the phone name in my first post, it’s J4+ and not J24+)
        3 – Launched qdomyos-zwift, everything works in the app, the treadmill is detected, I can change speed and incline, as previously
        4 – Zwift discovers the new bluetooth ID, “run” and I can pair it
        5 – But starting the treadmill from domyos-zwift app of manually from the console, my avatar won’t move in Watopia or any other Zwift space

        1. Try from the Zwift search page, enable the treadmill to speed 1, in the speed icons you should see 1. If not click on speed icon again and retry. If you want you could add me to WhatsApp in order to have a better support

  21. Hi

    I purchased you app via Appstore for IPhone. I have a iconsole+ based bike named Taurus Z9 Pro. Switching on iconsole+ Option the bike is found but the app crashs directly.
    What can i do?

      1. I tried this already – app didnt crash afterwards but the iconsole crashes now and restarts afterwards…I send you an email

          1. It should download automatically. Try to reboot both. It’s something related to apple store not qZ itself. Maybe try also to reinstall the app

  22. Tried to run it on apple watch and app asked for access to read & write. Now app appears in app list now.

  23. Hi,
    I would like to use this app to connect my garmin watch (fenix 5x) to my treadmill (which has bluetooth support, also for zwift).

    So my question: Does it offer bluetooth-connection to garmin watches in parallel to zwift? Or maybe also ant+ support?

    1. Hi Mario, i have the same Fenix and I’m using it to stream the Heart rate to qZ via ant+. And then we will send Heart and the other metrics to zwift. Is this your answer?

      1. Hi cagnulein, no, that is not the answer…
        I want it the other way…. qZ getting the Informations from the treadmill (speed, incline) and send this informations to the garmin watch.
        I am “recording” the runs with the watch (and additionally with zwift) – so the watch needs the speed and incline informations…

        1. Hi! I have an Echelon Connect Sport and everything works great except that I can’t get Watt info, Avg Watt, or Speed. Is there anything I need to enable? I use an iPhone 13 Pro max.

          1. Hi! are you sure you are not in pause mode? you don’t have to see the start button flashing red on qz

  24. Hi cagnulein, no, that is not the answer…
    I want it the other way…. qZ getting the Informations from the treadmill (speed, incline) and send this informations to the garmin watch.
    I am “recording” the runs with the watch (and additionally with zwift) – so the watch needs the speed and incline informations…

    1. i’m sending just the watt values on ANT+
      Of course i’m sending all the other metrics via bluetooth, but garmin fenix 5s can’t read them from bluetooth because a garmin limitation.
      You should just syncronize garmin connect and strava at the end of the workout. QZ will send automatically the workout to strava 😉

      1. Yes, I get the run recordings from zwift also directly to garmin.

        With the “runn” sensor I get the speed and incline through ANT+ to the garmin watch, but I don’t want to use this sensor with the new treadmill – that’s why I am searching for a different solution…

        So it is not possible to send speed and incline to garmin watches via bluetooth?

        1. nope, not yet i mean. It’s in the todo list but i don’t have the time yet 🙂 If you want, you could join the github page and give me a hand on this!

          1. I will try to…. 🙂
            I am also planning to do all this with an arduino or the “nRF52 DK”… Maybe later this year…

          2. Great! remember that this code runs already on a raspberry pi0w. You just need an ANT+ dongle

          3. Do you have a suggestion / link for the ANT+ dongle? They have a lot at amazon – but I am not sure which one is read only and which one also sends data….

  25. Thanks for renaming the app to QZ. “qdomyos-zwift” is a mouthful when trying to recommend it to someone. 😉

  26. I own Yesoul S3 bike with Apple Watch S6 and it sync quite well with your qdomyor app.
    But when I sync with Zwift app on my iPad with power source. Heart rate doesn’t show up even I click on tap to pair but no data shown in search and Heart Rate doesn’t show inside my training. Could you suggest how to solve the issue?

  27. Hello. Do you need to run Zwift in order to have automatic controlled resistance on the Echelon Ex3 with the Peleton digital app?

  28. Hello,
    I love the app! It had been working, but the peloton conversion is not working now. I have the Echelon Sport. I just want to use the conversion so I can track the resistance while using the peloton digital app on my roku tv. The Bluetooth is connecting, just the peloton conversion stopped working. Any thoughts?

  29. Hi Roberto,
    Just bought the app to connect to my Echelon EX5S. It is connecting and is showing elapsed time, calories, and the resistance is linked (it will read as well as go up down thru the app). However the bike won’t report any other info to the app or pass anything thru to Zwift (I have the 2 device setup connected and working as well)

    Any ideas why it won’t show or register the speed and other info?

    1. Hi, which device runs qz? Which ones runs zwift? If it’s a Samsung on qz, reduce your phone name to “bik” and restart the phone.
      Let me know

        1. Did you try with an iPad or another phone for zwift? Sometimes zwift on Mac consider an iphone as just a phone and it doesn’t get as a possible metric device.

          1. If I watch the qz app while riding the bike I don’t ever see the speed or anything else change from zero. I know the bike is connected to the app as I can change the resistance in the app and it changes on the bike & vice versa.

            I can try Zwift on another device but should the qz app be showing my speed change or any other fields show in that app while riding?

          2. So you see the tiles but they are all to 0? I guess you’re connected to another compatible device around you. Try to set your bike to the manual device setting in order to force qz to connect to your bike. Then restart the app. First of try with zwift you need to say the metrics in the qz itself.

            If you have Facebook I suggest you to join the qdomyos group: it will be easier for me to help you

  30. Ok. I’ll see what manual does when I change that setting. Just joined FB group and will move over there. Thanks again for initial assistance. Looking forward to getting this going and using it

  31. I use iPhone and Apple Watch, and my bike is a Yesoul M1. Cycling mileage and calories are not linked in the iPhone Health app or Activity app.

    Please tell me how to set it up.

    1. Did you open the qz app on the watch and you press start on the beginning and stop at the end of the workout?

  32. Works for ten seconds, then screen freezes and Echelon (brand new) bike beeps. Sometimes Bluetooth icon on screen lights up but only for a short time. Please advise. Thank you.

  33. Hi Roberto, great work with the app! It’s working perfectly in my cellphone with my Domyos 900. However, I want to use Zwift in my tablet but Zwift does not recognized my phone as the power source. Any ideas on how I can get Zwift recognize my phone?

  34. Hi Roberto,

    Awesome app you got here.
    I bought and installed it on iPhoneX a couple of weeks ago.
    Worked flawlessly when connected to zwift with zwift app installed on an OPPO Android phone.
    Your app on iPhone read my Yesoul bike and output data was read in complete form over on the Android phone.

    Today I tried RGT.
    Qdomyos app still on iPhoneX.
    RGT App on Android phone.
    RGT screen on a PC.

    Starting a route and RGT app only managed to read the heart rate from qdoymos. Whereas other data ie. speed and cadence are not detected. RGT app kept on scanning.
    The heart rate detected by RGT app on Android phone came from / labeled as qdoymos app and not read as ‘iPhone X’ as your video suggested it read as or came from Pixel phone.

    I tried installing and uninstalling and didn’t work.

    Appreciate your repond.


    1. Hi PAK, i guess RGT wants a power sensor instead a FTMS one. You should enable the “Bike Power Sensor” setting in QZ and restart the app. Let me know

      1. Hi Roberto,

        Tried that and didn’t work. I retried for 4 to 5 times while also making some other changes in the setting. RGT (still) only read heart rate from qz on iPhone and now RGT app on android read three qz at the same time. I guess it’s the same qz. Herewith am attaching screenshots from rgt mobile app installed on android.

        Can’t attach additional screenshot from the cadence and power tab / section of rgt mobile app.

        Any other ideas on how to solve this?


        1. Just now I tried installing RGT mobile app on iPhone (the same phone where I have qz app installed) and it didn’t have any readings from qz app. This is different from Zwift.
          When Zwift was still installed, I had it on the same phone and it read qz app output just fine.
          Thought I update you on my other tries.
          Lastly, I need to ensure that I had correctly enabled the Bike Power Sensor option as per screenshot attached. Do Let me know. Thanks.

          1. idk PAK, if zwift works it’s so a problem of RGT. The bike power sensor setting is ok, yes. Do you see the video on YT about RGT and QZ?

          2. Watched the yt video and as I mentioned above qz only showed up on heart rate tab but nit the power or cadence

          3. could I suggest you to join the QZ group on facebook? There a several RGT users that can help you more than i can do 🙂 (also the author of the video himself)

  35. Hi Roberto,

    I have been using your app for many months but since 3 weeks ago I facing an annoying issue:

    The connection between the app-zwift-treadmill gets interrupted constantly but always when I have run more than 5-6km (around the 9th-10th km normally). To get it to work again I have to restart everything (the app, the treadmill and zwift app)

    Dont know exactly what is the source of the problem but I havent change anything at my side.

    My setup is:

    Treadmill: Domyos Incline Run
    Device with your app: Iphone 12 Pro Max
    Device with Zwift: Ipad Pro
    Pulse and Candence: Garmin Fenix 6 through Virtual Run option.

    I have tried the option of “mad devices” without success.

    Many thanks for your help!

    1. seems something about power saving or similar. Do you still see the metrics on QZ? I mean is the treadmill that disconnects from QZ or is zwift that disconnects from QZ?

      1. Its the treadmill that disconnects from QZ because the KM display on the treadmill (and in the QZ at the same time) changes from the velocity I set to zero and go back right on loop.

        1. mmm so strange, could you please send me the debug log from QZ to roberto.viola83(AT)gmail.com ?
          I could investigate it even if it’s sound to me like a bluetooth interferences. Did you try to run without ZWIFT? Using QZ as a standalone app with your treadmill? If so, it happens anyway?

          1. enable the debug log in the experimental settings and restart QZ. if the problem appears again, send me the log.

  36. Hi,

    Using the app in combination with Iconsole+ 0005 and garmin FR745. Power is transmitted correctly to FR, speed presented in watch is far lower than on Iconsole+ (e.g 1.2 km/hr vs 25km/hr).

    Do you know the reason speed is not correctly presented on watch?

    Many thanks

  37. Hi Roberto, sory for necroposting about my troubled fail with with your app.
    Your great app never worked with my Samsung J4+. In my new Xiaomi mi11i, it is working as it should, so I think the J4+ had some glitched bluetooh implementation. Keep up the good work.

    1. yeah some android phones have some cheap bluetooth chip that can’t handle peripheral and central bluetooth communication 😉 Glad that now is working!

  38. Can QZ run on the same iPhone as Fulgaz? If I run QZ and Fulgaz on different devices, then the device running Fulgaz sees QZ. But if I run on the same device then Fulgaz does not see QZ. I guess that this is because Fulgaz is expecting to find something over the bluetooth interface and there is no loopback. If that’s the case, is there a way to make it work?

    1. yes you need always 2 devices because QZ is sending data over bluetooth so you need a sender device and a receiver device 🙂

  39. Hi Roberto 🙂

    I have the same issue with the first comment (by Kiki Navarro) on this page.

    I bought the app on my Android phone (OnePlus 9 Pro, Android 11) and my Yesoul S3 connects to your app just fine.

    In a second device (Huawei Matepad Pro, Android 10) I have Zwift app. The bluetooth is on on both devices. I bring up the Zwift app but it doesn’t find the bike (doesn’t find my phone).

    I checked the QZ app info on my phone: “Storage” and “location” permissions are allowed and it says “no permission denied”. Then I checked Zwift app info on my tablet: “Storage” and “location” permissions are allowed and “camera” permission is denied.

    Also I tried to connect to Zwift running on my PC but I couldn’t connect.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for writing this app! (It is Kiki’s words and I strongly agree with him. In addition, your app is much more practical and easy to read than official Yesoul Sports app.)

    Kindly regards,

    1. Hi did you try to swap the devices? I mean matepad for qz and one plus for zwift? Some phones don’t have the ability to send Bluetooth data while are connected to another device.
      Also remember to change the phone name to “bike” and reboot it
      Let me know

      1. Apparently I had missed a simple but important point: reducing the number of characters of my phone’s bluetooth name just simply solved my problem. Thank you for your answer and quick respond while you are on your your honeymoon 🙂 And I’m so sorry for taking up your time on holiday. I wish you a happy life together.

        Now I have an other problem about connecting my hr sensor to your app. The details of the problem are below but that’s not that important to interrupt your honeymoon. Please feel free to delay to respond me in few days or weeks.

        QZ app see my heart rate sensor (Polar OH1). It shows the avg. hr and max. hr values correctly but shows my instant hr as “0”. Android 11 is running on my phone, so I disable “Heart Rate service outside FTMS” in the settings but the problem not solved. I quit the QZ app to setting changes take affect. Than I relaunch the app and instant hr is still “0”. And when I enter the settings I see that “Heart Rate service outside FTMS” is enabled by itself. I’m curious of what simple point I ‘m missing at this time 🙂 And I say again my problem is not that urgent to take up your time in relaxing days.

          1. Yes I select Polar OH1 in the heart rate belt settings. I enabled debug log in the settings and performed a workout. How can I send you the log file? I couldn’t find it neither in the app not in phone’s file manager. Where is it stored?

          2. You have to download the app cx file explorer and look into the folder /android/data/org.cagnulein/qdomyoszwift
            There are some files called debug-*

  40. hi, does this app only work to convert from peleton to echelon or can it also work for a proform bike. i just got a proform and want to use the peleton app and use the auto resisatnce from the app.

    1. Hi, you should give me more details about your scenario 🙂 i mean there is no new version of QZ in production so i guess you changed something on your side. Where QZ runs? Where zwift runs? Do you see the metrics on QZ?

  41. Ok quick question I have a Garmin heartrate sensor and I have a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Smart Wristband.
    When I go to set up the HR options I don’t see the Garmin HR sensor but I do see the Mi Smart.
    I selected that but ii Don’t see any HR information displaying on the screen. the HR day shows 0 but it is not colored white but a light grey. see attached.

    QZ does attach to rouvy and shows speed and power and QZ does connect to my Echelon EX-15.

      1. Ok I did see that after about the Garmin HR monitor.
        But it should Connect to my MI smart watch. it did once, but now it’s finds it but no HR info displays.

          1. Exactly what I did! after you told me to Check it! LOl works beautifully!
            Thank you very much for the help!

  42. Roberto, I was hoping you could help.

    I have an Exchelon X-5 with a screen. I downloaded your app and downloaded the Zwift app on my IPad. Everything pairs up once I turn the bike but I can not get my biker to start pedaling. The power is paired but I must be missing something. Please respond. All my devices are compatible but is the app truly reading my spin bike?

    1. For your bike you need first to turn it off completely your tablet on the bike and then open qz. Do you see the metrics from the bike doing so?

  43. Great, it works. I am pedaling, but extremely slow! Can I go any faster? Are their adjustments I can make with your app to jump start faster pedaling or with Zwift? I normally ride at 20mph. Please advise and many thanks to you my new friend!!

    1. Zwift is based on wattage, so you just need to increase your resistance to go faster on zwift 🙂
      Also remember to join the QZ community on Facebook and to rate the app on the store! It means a lot to me! Thanks

  44. Hi, does this app support Pafers Bluetooth Smart bikes? In particular, I am looking to connect up a BH Fitness i.Spada 2 bike. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Do you own already this bike? If so just send me a screenshot about nrfconnect and I will tell if it’s already compatible

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I have attached the screenshot – hope this is what you needed, if not, let me know which options/screens to send.

  45. Hello, Im using this app with the Echelon Stride Treadmill. I also use Polar a HRM. Does anyone have a “best settings” guide or suggestions? The pause on app start option doesn’t work-treadmill always starts when app starts. Also, the start-stop and pause buttons at the top of the app do not function at all-can they work?


    1. Hi Leif, your treadmill is not fully developed but if you want you can help me. There is already a GitHub issue on the qz page about this. We can continue this there. Let me know!

  46. Hey Roberto! Loving the app! I’m trying to integrate the auto resistance for the peloton workout for my Exhelon-EX-5 bike. I’ve gone through the video several times and I’m still having trouble getting the pop-up to show up when I start a workout. Any tips to make that happen? Thank you!

      1. Is there a guide somewhere that covers what 3rd party hardware is needed to add auto resistance to the Echelon EX-15 / Sport?

    1. Every heart rate sensor that sends Standard heart rate value by Bluetooth. You can easily test your device with the app nRF connect. If you see a heart icon for your device means that it’s standard and it’s compatible with qz

  47. I have an Echelon and I am very happy with gaining access to Zwift.
    Is there any chance that you might make a bridge to Rouvy as well?

      1. Great! I assumed that only the apps mentioned at the top were supported.
        Thanks again for creating this app. It makes my bike a lot more fun than I expected.

  48. Hi,

    FIrst of all many thanks for this wonderful App.
    Small question, in the ERG mode of Zwift I do not experience any modification of the resistance of my Domyos E-Fold whereas I feel resisrtance adjustments when I am not in ERG mode.

      1. tks! it indeed solve the problem when I switch into erg mode in QZ!
        I am surprised to notice that I get power measure in Zwift whereas my Domyos E-fold bike console does not show any watt figures. Are the Watt information in zwift somehow estimated or are these figure watt figures reliable measure?

          1. Tks for explanation. My Domyos E-fold is supported by default in Kinomap (without QZ) so I imagine decathlon should have performed a similar process to get Watt figures in Kinomap. No sure that the watt outcome in Kinomap & Zwift are similar.

          2. yes for sure 🙂 remind that you can still change the wattage calculation with the watt gain and watt offset settings in QZ

  49. Hi,

    I just purchased the application on Android in order to use it to pair Ant+ devices and broadcast their data to Apple TV Zwift. I have the following devices
    – Cadence sensor (dual Ant+/BLE)
    – Garmin Speed Sensor 2 (dual Ant+/BLE)
    – Polar H9 (dual Ant+/BLE)

    I am already using the BLE connections of these sensors in order to connect to Polar Vantage M which supports only BLE.

    Is there a setup guide on how to use the application in order to connect to Zwift? It seems that I am stuck in the setup screen with BLE icon flashing.

    The phone is Samsung A51, which supports fully Ant+ . I have checked with AntTester and everything checks out.

    I was hoping that I could use this app to bridge Ant+ to Apple TV Zwift app. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi, you have to setup the cadence sensor in the cadence sensor section and also enable the cadence sensor as a bike setting. Then restart qz.
      Also join the fb group, I can help you in real time 😉

  50. Hi,
    I am currently using your app with an Echelon x-3 bike and it’s connecting perfectly. However, I recently purchased a powrlabs arm band heart monitor and I’m not sure how I can get it to connect to the app while I’m riding. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi, go into the general settings under heart rate section and there is a combo ox for your arm brand. Add it,press ok and restart qz. Let me know 🙂

  51. I see the PowrLabs band recognized in the “Heart Belt Name” area and I hit OK. Still not being read in the Heart Rate tile (reads 0). Do I need to adjust the “Heart Rate Service outside FTMS” or “Disable HRM from Machinery” buttons?

        1. I’m having issues every time I use the app, that it does not record the full session. Sections within each activity just show flat on each plot. I emailed with screen shots and details but no reply. There’s no issues with Bluetooth as connects fine and does not disconnect, but very frustrating to have every ride totally inaccurate. Please advise.

          1. Hi,
            I checked and I haven’t received any email from this account.
            Can you please send me here too?
            Then I will help you

  52. Hello:

    I have Zwift app and qdomyos-zwift app installed on the same phone.
    For some reason I can not connect my Zwift to qdomyos-zwift. Apparently it works in the two apps are on different devices. Is there a way to get it to work if both are installed on the same device? I have Samsung Galaxy S9 model SM-G960W.

    1. Tab7 or 8 for zwift? Anyway qz will work on any device but not all the Android devices can act as a Bluetooth central and peripheral at the same time

  53. Hi,
    I bought you app for my iPhone 12 Pro (Os 15.1) and it connects OK to my Echelon Treadmill but I cannot control the Treadmill from your app; I have to set speed and incline on the Treadmill. Also, the speed displays “0.0” every 10 digits; so 1 km = 0.0 and 2.0 = 0.0 and so on. In-between speeds are OK. But the worst problem is that Zwift on my iPad doesn’t see your app. Your app on my iPhone detects my iPad but not Zwift.I read your manual, tried many things but no luck. What could I do? The point of buying your app was to use Zwift.

  54. Hi, I’m not able to connect to the Echelon EX-7s using my iPhone 13. Is the EX-7s not yet supported? Maybe I’m still doing something wrong since the QZ app doesn’t recognize it. Thanks!

  55. Hi:
    I bought Samsung Tablet S6 Lite and installed Zwift on it. I installed your app on my Samsung S9 phone.
    For some reason the Zwift on the tablet is not pairing with your app on my phone. I tried all the options, restarting the device, checking connections, bluetooth etc. but still no connection. Any idea why? Anything I am missing?

  56. I tried renaming my phone to “bike” but that did not help.
    If I was to swap devices, do I need to buy the app again for my tablet? What if I pay and it does not work?
    I only have one phone S9.
    I am not sure what the last bullet means “virtual device setting is enabled in the experimental settings? (don’t change the other settings there!)”?

    1. You don’t need to buy it again. You have just to use the same Google play account. About the virtual Device setting, It’s in the Experimental section in the app settings. Send me an email with the screenshot of that section. Maybe you play too much with the settings 🙂

  57. Ciao, ho un tappeto Domyos T540C riconosciuto dalla tua applicazione e guidato da essa. in zwift il tappeto viene rilevato bene ma non viene visualizzata la velocità e non consente all’uomo di avanzare. Grazie per la risposta

  58. Ciao sto descrivendo la mia configurazione, Zwift è installato su un PC Windows 10 con chiave bluetooth. QZ è su un Samsung S8. riesce a guidare il tappeto. zwift vede il telefono ma non la velocità

  59. sì, ho cambiato il nome del mio telefono in bici e ho riavviato il pc e il telefono è lo stesso.
    l’ultimo parametro non so su quale dispositivo sia. virtual device setting is enabled in the experimental settings? (don’t change the other settings there!)

  60. Hello,
    There might be something that I don’t understand, or that I haven’t correctly configured … Everything is working fine, I connect my Domyos EB 500 bike to the qdomyos app (iOS), and Zwift finds then my phone which then serves as a “gateway”, for the power, the cadence, and the control of resistance.
    When I start a session, the resistance which was at 1/15 changes to 5/15 … but it remains at 5 all the time, even when climbing ??! the speed is simulated (faster downhill and slower uphill) … but I would like the reverse, the actual speed of the bike, and the resistance that varies. How to do ?

    I wish you a happy new year!

    1. Hi Sylvain, it’s a known bug of zwift of the last version. I have a workaround for it. I’m sending you it by email.
      Let me know

      1. I came back here to write that by disabling “iOS peloton workaround” as indicated in the github issues it actually worked … I didn’t think I already had an answer! incredible ! Thank you ! i will try the beta version!

        1. I’m trying to do my best! If you didn’t do already, please rate the app on the store and join the patreon page. It means a lot to this project! Thanks!

  61. The bicycle is yesoul M1 and uses the iPhone XR. Fitbit HR for heart rate is in use, but it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t think they’re applying yet. Is that right? You can choose from the heart rate menu in the app.

  62. Hi, love your app so far. Using it with a yesoul s3 and it works well with zwift, or just to get the data to strava.

    My question is can it be connected to garmin edge 530 computer? I can find and add the phone as a power sensor on the garmin but when i try to connect to it, so it shows the data, it doesn’t seem to be able to.

    1. Does it can pair with Bluetooth sensor? If so just enable the bike power sensor in the experimental settings. Warning: you will lose the compatibility with zwift

      1. It can. It pairs but afterwards when trying to connect to it when starting the workout its not able to, it doesnt move from the connecting… screen.
        Bike power sensor is enabled.

  63. Hi, first of all, very nice app it really opens a world of options!

    I have an issue trying to connect my bike (Yesoul S3) to Rouvy. When I open the QZ app I see all the sensor data from my bike like resistance, cadence etc. so QZ connect properly to the bike. However, nothing is found in the rouvy app, any ideas what might be the issue here?

    1. Hi thanks, is zwift in the same scenario working? Just to understand if it’s a setup issue or a rouvy issue. I suggest you to join the Facebook group of a qz. There are a lot of rouvy users

  64. Hello,

    i’ve been using qdomyos on my phone (samsung S10 running android 11) and have a Scosche heart rate monitor and I cast the peloton workout to my TV. Upto just a few days ago, i’ve been able to have my HR show up in qdomyos while riding and peloton (can see my strive score and HR during workout in peloton summary).

    As of few days ago (coinciding with nicer/detailed graphs showing in qdomyos after workout), i can only either connect my HRM to Qdomyos or peloton but not both. I’ve tried opening qdomyos first (and HRM connects but then not visible to peloton) or if i open peloton first, the HR doesn’t show in qdomyos

    my settings are

    1. heart rate service outside ftms
    2. Ant+ Heart
    3. Virtual Device and Virtual heart both enabled

    i didn’t change any settings but just few days ago lost ability to have my HRM connect to both qdomyos and peloton

  65. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for such a great app! I have an Echelon EX-3 and use the QZ app for Zwift. Everything has been working perfectly for months until just the other day.

    I didn’t change any settings between rides, but for some reason, I’m unable to get the auto resistance to work. Not sure if it was a coincidence, but it happened after Zwift’s most recent update.

    For your information, I have the QZ app on my iPad and connect to Zwift on my MacBook.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    1. Yes zwift broke the compatibility with the last update. I already fixed it. Send me an email to Roberto.viola83 at gmail.com and I will add you to the beta. Also I’m asking to join patreon page in order to support this! Thanks

  66. Buongiorno, scusate per la SRX500 Toorx esiste possibilità con questa app di normalizzare la potenza per avere un valore che si avvicini al reale e non sia completamente sovrastimato ?
    Seconda questione la regolazione automatica della resistenza è in ritardo rispetto al percorso su ZWIFT, visti i tempi dell’attuatore magnetico, tramite questa app è possibile correggere (In teoria basterebbe avere la sequenza di valori prossimi futuri e fare un calcolo basato sul tempo di applicazione della resistenza) ?

    1. Ciao Davide, con i parametri watt gain e watt offset puoi personalizzare la risposta in watt della tua Toorx.
      Per la questione resistenza: zwift mi manda solo i dati in tempo reale, non è per me possibile sapere l’inclinazione futura. Di quanto ritardo stiamo parlando in base secondi?
      Credo che convenga aprire una discussione qui se vuoi https://github.com/cagnulein/qdomyos-zwift/discussions
      Fammi sapere

      1. @cagnulein grazie della veloce risposta.. per i WATT ottimo direi ci provo anche se senza un misuratore di riferimento si fa fatica a dare una valutazione corretta e purtroppo il costo ad esempio dei pedali è elevato !
        Per la resistenza ok apro discussion dove indicato grazie, non so quantificare i secondi devo valutare meglio.

  67. Hey hello Roberto, huge fan of your app. I’m really trying to get it working with the Echelon Stride but I just can’t. Everything shows up on the QZ app and the Echelon Stride is sending information, but whenever I tried adding it to Zwift or Peloton is just not being recognized.

    Do you any suggestions?

    Thank you and best!

  68. Hi Roberto:
    So now I have
    Qdomy app on my Samsung tab S6 lite and
    Zwift on my samsung galaxy S9 phone. That works, Zwift can connect (power source) to qdomy on my phone.

    However I would prefer to reverse the two (the zwift to run tablet and Qdomy on phone). Although I can install both, the Zwift “power source” on tablet does not connect to my phone. It does not show up in search results.
    I find this strange. When I reverse the order, it works, but not the other way around. It seems that on zwift app, Tab S6 lite does not recognize phone S9, but the phone recognizes the tablet. Anything you can think of that could help resolve this?

    1. Hi, simply your android device is not capable to run Bluetooth peripheral and central at the same time. It’s an hardware limitation there is nothing that we can do. Maybe try with an another phone or buy a cheap iPhone 6s for this purpose. Let me know

  69. Hi Roberto – I just purchased the app for my Keiser M3i and the pairing seemed very straight forward and worked but when on Zwift there seems to be a one minute lag between what Zwift is showing and what the reading on my Keiser is. Also the RPM on the left side of Zwift did not change at all during the ride (I am new to Zwift so maybe I am missing something?). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

      1. Sorry – I am on IOS (Iphone) for the app and Ipad for the Zwift. I closed everything and went back on – things changed a bit – now the cadence on Zwift is changing and aligns with qz (as does the heart rate from my polar H10). It seems like Zwift is catching the speed metric in real time but qz is lagging way behind. Example being I slowed down riding to a snail’s pace from in the 20’s mph – Zwift picked it up as 5-6 mph (which sounded right) but qz never got below 14 mph and I waited around 5 minutes. Also seems as though there is a 4-5 mph disparity between qz and Zwift most of the time.

        1. Hah ok I understood your thing now. Zwift recalculates the speed based on the power sent from qz, so you will never see the same speed on QZ and zwift. On zwift the only important thing are the wattage. On zwift the speed is influenced by bike chooses, wind, gradient and so on 🙂

  70. Makes sense. I actually just did a 20 minute ride and the Zwift mph were all over the place – didn’t seem consistent at all with my effort at almost any time. For a good portion I was peddling my hardest with highest cadence and the Swift speed was coming out around 4-5 mph. I ended up my 20 minute ride which would usually average 18-20 mph on the Keiser with 4 miles (12 mph) and the same effort as my 18 mph. I guess like you said forget the mph! Either way the $3.99 app saved me like $250 or so for the newer M3i console (which connects to Zwift) so I appreciate your help !

  71. Roberto:
    Regarding your comment
    1) “android device is not capable to run Bluetooth peripheral and central at the same time” and
    2) “buy a cheap iPhone 6s for this purpose”. I have few questions:

    Re: 1) Is the issue with the Tablet or the Phone? Samsung Phone can recognize tablet but Tablet can not recognize the Phone in Zwift as power source. My phone is a work phone, so I can not change it but I can sell the Table and buy another one. If the issue is with the Tablet, can you recommend a Samsung tablet that would work? What should I be looking for in the Tablet? Which hardware limitation do I need to solve?

    Re: 2) Would I use iPhone 6s to run QDomy app or Zwift App? I still want to have bigger tablet like screen for Zwift and phone for QDomy app.

    1. The issue is about the device where you using qz. That one is better to be an iOS device. The other one could be an android ( the one with zwift)

  72. Hello,

    I have been using QZ to connect my Echelon bike to Zwift and it has been going well except for one issue:
    When auto resistance is on in QZ my bike’s resistance is continually set to 1 whether I attempt to manually change the resistance on the bike or through QZ and regardless of what the resistance offset value is set to.

    I have been disabling the auto resistance and changing manually as needed, but I would love to be able to use the auto-resistance feature if possible.

    Thank you for the help!

  73. Roberto:
    I realize I was not very clear with my question.
    I tried with iPhone 8 and my Samsung S9 phone. Zwift on Samsung phone recognizes QZ on iPhone.
    However I would like to have Zwift on a tablet (bigger screen) that connects to QZ on a Samsung phone.

    What tablet do I need to get to make that work? My current Tablet Samsung S6 lite (model SM-P610) does not work. The Zwift power source on Tablet does not recognize the QZ on my phone. What do I need to have on my tablet to get it to work? You said it is hardware limitation.

    1. iPhone 8 to the tablet doesn’t work? If so I guess you have something wrong in the setup like some settings or something. It has to work. So please open a. GitHub issue and I will try to help you there. Thanks

  74. Any help would be greatly appreciated in advance. We have the Echelon Ex1 bike with qdomyos. All seem to work find. We are trying to make it work with Zwift. I was able to make the connection, however problem i have is there is no power increase. It seems to be stuck at 5W even when I press the + to increase the resistance, doesn’t do anything. Zwift has the power slider all the way to the right (which should be as high as it goes. However, i assume the power,cadance,speed must come from the qdomyos since it communicates directly with the echelon bike. Any help would be grateful.

  75. Hello, I’m trying to connect Echelon Stride Treadmil to zwift using your app. It’s a no go, nothing connections.

    The echelon bike with your app connects to zwift just fine. Any thoughts?
    Phone: Iphone 10 (latest update)
    Zwift (latest version)

  76. Hello,
    Thank you for your help. I have an Echelon EX-3. I’m using Zwift on and Apple TV and your app on an Iphone 12.
    Everything seems to connect ok but my Avatar on Zwift barely moves no matter how fast I pedal and I can’t adjust the resistance on my bike. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you!!

  77. Hey! I’m able to use peloton app well with my echelon ex-5. My issue is running zwift.
    I am running zwift on my laptop on windows (Lenovo Legion). The zwift app is able to detect “QZ” which is running on my iphone 8. It connects but is not sending any signal as a power output.

  78. Yes unfortunately none of those options have worked.
    When I attempt to use my iphone X for Zwift, and iphone 8 for QZ, zwift doesn’t detect anything.
    I know that for peloton I need to put my login information in QZ. Is there anything similar to that that needs to be done with Zwift?

  79. Hello – I’m using Android – both a tablet and a phone to run your app and the peloton app. Your app can’t find my heart rate monitor though – any tips to get it to work? I’ve never had issues with the HRM before.

  80. I am trying to connect a echelon bike to peloton app using a s20 plus as the little monitor and a tab s7 the monitor with peloton app on it. However, I have no way on the tablet to add a cadence monitor it only want to find a hear rate monitor. is this a bluetooth problem?

    1. as i said in the email it’s a peloton limitation on android. on android the peloton app allows only heart rate sensors

  81. Like the app so far. I’m using a pro form treadmil 965 ct. it connects to Bluetooth fine. The speed in the app is always .6 mph faster than what the treadmill says. Example: I set treadmill at 5. The app says it’s 5.6mph. Is there anyway I can take .6mph off all my speeds in app to correspond with my actual treadmill speed?

  82. Been using your app for almost half a year now and it has been great! Thank you for the work you have put into this.
    I do have one small issue I want to ask about though. There are certain times when the app will lose connection to Zwift and when I open the Zwift connections menu it shows that the “QZ” connection I was using has been greyed out and there is now a new “QZ” connection on the list. They have the same names, but Zwift doesn’t seem to realize they are the same source. So I have to change power, cadence and heart rate monitor to the new connection even though I never lost connection to the QZ app.
    I am using the Echelon EX-3 bike and running QZ on iOS 15 and Zwift on a Windows 10 PC.

    1. i have 2 great news for you Zeke!
      1) on the beta version of qz you can use wahoo direct connection that eliminates all the bluetooth issues!
      2) i’m releasing windows version of qz for patreon members!

  83. Hey,
    Awesome work on the app, pretty amazing.

    I just purchased the iOS app and trying to connect my Echelon Stride treadmill to Zwift.
    The app recognize the treadmill immediately and can control, but Zwift does not show any sensors.

    Any advice on how to connect the two?

  84. Hello. I’ve bought the APP and installed on an iPhone 12, and have Zwift on an iPad. I have been trying for ages but cannot seem to get Speed working for Running in Zwift. I have a Heart Rate monitor that works fine (can connect Zwift to my iPhone as the sensor and the QZ App passes it through fine). I can also select my iPhone as Speed for Run. However, I can get my Wahoo Cadence sensor to show Cadance, but cannot find how to get this to also translate to a speed reading for Run. I found posts on other forums that QZ App can simulate a speed sensor so I hope that is correct? If so please, please can you tell me what my settings need to be for the App? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi, You have to have your pair your sensor to the power sensor setting in the qz app and also enabling power sensor as treadmill setting. Restart the app and it should work

  85. Hello Cagnulein
    Firstly great idea, these treadmills are so lacking in connectivity options.
    I am looking to but and though better ask first, I have a BLE Spirit XT385 very recent model 2020 I think and has FTMS enabled but no other smart features. Works fine in Zwift, Rouvy, Kinomap. I want to be able to use your app with Zwift, a Wahoo TickrX and the Spirit so I can get Incline reported. Control isn’t so much important just want reporting. Does this sound like it will work. I have PCs, Macbook Airs, Android and Iphones to work with.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. OK I found your github page, you have Spirit listed but no specific models. Looks like a good chance it will work.
      Next question I have Supported Android and Iphones, the Android app is a little more cost. Which one do you advise to buy. Or does purchase get me both.
      Thanks Craig

  86. Hi, a really great app! I connected an echelon bike to iPhone and to rouvy on an iPad – all metrics are transmitted only heart rate from my Apple Watch is missing: first it shows 0 than N/A. Tried several restarts of all apps and connections. Permissions on iPhone are given. Any idea?
    Thanks Michael

      1. Yes, HR is on the watch and on the iPhone – it is only missing on the iPad. And only in rouvy it seems: after further testing I found out that it works in zwift. So the problem is inside rouvy I presume. Does it make sense to play with the Heart Rate Options in the Settings of your app?

        1. you can try to toggle the heart rate outside ftms but i don’t think it will change. i gues rouvy doesn’t accepts metrics from a trainer along with heart rate (maybe it’s hardcoded with a separate device for hr)

  87. Hey Roberto, bought a Domyos 500 spin bike recently and I’ve been having trouble with the Bluetooth connection to the app. No matter what I do (I’ve tried all the tips on the app’s main screen) I can’t seem to pick up my bike’s Bluetooth connection. I don’t even know if it’s a problem with QZ, with how I’m doing things or with the bike itself. Kinda worried now because the bike doesn’t show on my phone’s list of Bluetooth devices nor does the Domyos app detect it so maybe there’s something wrong with the bike itself. Do you have any tips on troubleshooting this thing?

    This is the bike: https://www.decathlon.com/products/domyos-500-indoor-fitness-spin-bike-171891?variant=32281766068286

      1. Both of them are turned on and work. I can scan devices with Bluetooth and I can check my location on Google Maps without any issues. I’m on a Huawei P20 Lite running Android 9.

        When I use the QZ app it detects a few of the neighbours’ TVs and devices but not the bike itself.

          1. I don’t see the tiles unless I press the stop button or the “Charts” option on the main menu, in both of those cases they are blank and don’t load anything even as I pedal on the bike.
            I’ve tried pressing the stop button when the app was detecting different devices to see if there would be any difference between them or if one of them would work but still nothing.
            The fact that the phone can detect far away devices easily but not the bike makes me think there’s something wrong with the bike itself. I don’t know to what point it would be reasonable to assume that I got a defective or damaged unit.

  88. check if with the nrfconnect app (it’s free on the store) you get the bike in the list. If not it’s for sure a defect on the bike itself. Just a stupid question: did you pedal to turn it on?

    1. Not a stupid question at all, I wish that was the problem but no, I did pedal to turn it on before using QZ and I kept pedaling while trying all the connections just to make absolutely sure it stayed on.

      I downloaded nrfconnect and ran a scan while the bike was turned on. It found an unnamed device which made me a little hopeful but because I couldn’t be sure it was the bike’s signal, I waited until the bike turned itself off completely and ran another scan to see if the signal would still be there or disappear. It was still there.
      I’m not quite sure how these bikes work but unless the bike still emits a Bluetooth signal while turned off I’m pretty sure this one doesn’t have one 🙁

      1. nope it’s not an unnamed device. it must call domyos something. i guess your unit is faulty so 🙁 did you try with the domyos app ?

        1. Yeah. Tried the Domyos app as well and still nothing. On the positive side I can still return the bike. It’s going to be a bit of a hassle carrying it down the stairs from the 3rd floor but I’ll manage hahah

          Thank you so much for the help and for your work with the app!

  89. Great app so far! I just have 2 small questions I cannot figure out.

    I have a Bowflex C7 bike and the QZ app running on Android. If I connect a bluetooth HRM to the bike, I cannot seem to get it to send the HR information to the QZ app. I can, of course, pair the HRM directly to QZ, but it would be ideal if I could show the metric on the bike screen. Is this a limitation of the bike or is there something I may not have configured properly?

    Second, is there a way to have the QZ app send speed/cadence information to a Garmin watch? Today, I’m uploading the .fit file that is emailed after a workout to garmin connect, but it would be ideal if I could record the activity with my watch.

    Thank you for the great app!

    1. Hi Joe, thanks!
      For the heart rate i’m already handling the HR from the bike. Could you please open a ticket on github so I can check if your settings are ok?
      For the garmin: QZ can send Power over ANT+ if your phone has ANT+
      Let me know!

      1. Thank you for the quick reply! I will fiddle with the HR a bit more and open a github ticket if I can’t figure it out. I’ll also test connectivity to the Garmin with a spare phone I have that has ANT+.

        Thanks again!

  90. Hi there – great app but I am wondering if I have my settings right when using Zwift ? I have a Echolon Smart Connect bike and always seems to be much slower. Is there anything I might be missing or do I just need to pedal faster !!

    1. hi you need to increase your resistance in order to increase the wattage. zwift works only with wattage 😉

      1. So do I amend Reistance Gain ? – How can I make sure this is set to the amount of wattage I am actually producing as don’t want to cheat the system 🙂

        1. since your bike doesn’t have auto resistance by hardware you need just to change the knob to produce more resistance and so more wattage 🙂 with echelon ex3-4-5 qz will auto adjust the resistance accordingly to the path on zwift 😉

  91. Ciao, Roberto!
    I hope you’re doing well!
    I’m curious if Torneo Raceter is compatible with your app? It contains build-in bluetooth and can connect to Kinomap out of the box. It looks (from available features point of view) similar to Domyos EB500.
    I checked all treads I was able to reach to regarding your apps and didn’t find any references to Torneo, so that’s why I decided to ask about it here.

    1. Hi Artem, send me an email to roberto.viola83 at gmail.com attaching a nrfconnect screenshot about your bike and I will let you know!

  92. Hi,

    Thank you for the fantastic Qdomyos app that works great with my echelon bike.

    I’m having an issue connecting to a HR strap via bluetooth and I wonder if you have any suggestions.

    The HR strap is a Polar H9 and it connects to the android 11 tablet I’m using with the bike in the Strava app but in Qdomyos the connection is iffy and after it does connect it intermittently returns zero values as in etc.

    I’ve tried changing all the Heart Rate Options under settings but the “Heart Rate service outside FTMS” resets to true when I open the app and the other options don’t seem to change anything. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a heap.

    1. Hi Stephen, be sure that the ant+ heart is disabled and also be sure that all the other apps are fully closed on this phone and also on other devices. probably something is stealing the bluetooth communications from qz
      let me know

      1. I turned ant+ heart off and every other bluetooth device I could find near the bike and it seems to keep a stable connection now! Thanks a bunch.

  93. Hello, I have got the Apex Rides bike, I have cancelled my monthly subscription with them and do not have access to any stats now, I have purchased a cadence sensor so I can use the bike with the peloton app.
    Is there any way of getting this bike to link with peloton so I can see my resistance, distance travelled etc please?

    1. yes simply add the cadence sensor section under accessories section and also enable the cadence sensor as a bike setting and restart qz

      let me know

  94. Following up on the comment I left regarding connecting to a Kindle Fire HD. Your app was able to detect and “connect” to my Echelon EX3 bike, though it wasn’t really connected to the tablet via Bluetooth. However, the app doesn’t register anything when I start a ride. Why would your app eventually “see” the device but not register any stats? Any help to get this working is greatly appreciated!

    1. peloton app on android doesn’t support anything beside heart rate. anyway on qz you have all the metrics with also target cadence and target peloton resistance in real time!

  95. Hi Roberto,

    I bought the Z app, I have the Echelon connect, it will connect to my phone (iphone 11) it does the power, cadence and heart rate but it won’t connect to the controllable. I’m running Zwift on my iPad. Is there a setting I am missing? I tried to exit the app on both devices multiple times but same result.

    Let me know,


    1. Hi, I never saw this kind of issue. Could I ask you to just swap the devices just to test if there is any issue on the ipad for zwift? QZ is sending always the controllable along with power cadence and HR. So it doesn’t seem a QZ bug to me. Let me know!

  96. I am running your app on my iPad and connecting to it via Zwift on my Apple TV. I notice that my watts and speed in Zwift do not match what your app is saying. I have an EX5. I have a first gen iPad Pro 12.9 running iPad OS 15.

    1. The speed doesn’t match for sure because zwift recalculates it with the settings in the game, for example the type of bike, the road surface…the wattage must be the same instead. Share a screenshot in case the wattage mismatch

      1. Ahh well that would make sense and so then if the speed is calculated differently than the watts will be calculated differently because watts are calculated using speed and resistance. But if you are using the remote resistance function and Zwift is controlling the resistance of the bike, shouldn’t it match? It would adjust the resistance to match the surface and incline of what is happening in-game?

        I guess as long as the caloric burn matches it’s not that big of a deal. I’ll have to double check that.

        1. the watt received from zwift are directly used, so there is no calculation on wattage from zwift. zwift uses the one that qz is sending.

          qz calculates wattage from cadence and resistance.

          and so when zwift commands a different hill grade the wattage will change on qz first and on zwift then, but they have always to match (with a delay of 1-2 seconds max)

          if the calories matches means that wattage are the same 😉

  97. Hi Roberto,

    I wondered if qdomyos-zwift was working with fyttter bikes, in particular the Racer RA-09R which is an iConsole bike ?


  98. Great application Roberto – thank you for creating this. Although I have a few quick questions about it.

    I am using a Yesoul S3 and I find that the Peloton (equivalent) Resistance show on the app tile is far below what I expect it to be. For example, the Peloton instructor might suggest a resistance of 35 for a certain cadence and on my app I need to set it much lower, say to Peloton resistance of 12.

    Under “Yesoul Bike Options” there is a “Yesoul New Peloton Formula” switch – I’m unsure as to what this does? There is also, under “Peloton Options”, “Conversion Gain” and “Conversion Offset” – can you point me to some documentation on how these options work so I can try to adjust these to hopefully closer align the “Peloton Resistance” shown on this app with what the instructor is suggesting?

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Thank you for that link. And that offset setting really helps with the Peloton resistance. But it doesn’t seem to affect the power wattage at all. While the Peloton resistance reading is now where I’d like it, at the end my Power Distribution bar chart is mostly in Zone 1 while with my old Echelon, I had most of the bars showing in the Power Distribution.

        Any possibility that as an enhancement in a future release you could add an option to include the offset in the power calculation? A simple toggle between the “original power calculation formula” and a “power calculation formula that factors in the Peloton resistance offset” would be ideal if possible?

        Thanks again for this great app!

          1. Thank you. I have been away travelling but am back home again now and will update the app and test it with my ride next weekend.

            Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Shawn, in order to be sure could you please send me a nrfconnect screenshot (nrfconnect is a free app on the store) about your treadmill? Let me know

  99. Hello!

    I purchased your app. But it doesn’t work 🙁
    My device is operated by Fire OS (Fire 7).
    Is your app available for Fire OS?
    Does it work by blurtooth4?


  100. I just downloaded your app! I am having trouble getting the auto-resistance to work on my EX-4S+ with the peloton app. I followed the directions in the video but it doesn’t seem to want to work. I am using the tablet that came with the bike to stream the peloton app, and I am using my iPhone for your app.

      1. Hello
        I’ve been using this app for a year.
        Just got on bike today and it doesn’t see any readout apart from resistance – I change on my Echelon and it changes on the app.
        But sees nothing else.
        I have changed WiFi providers in my home – can you advise please?

        1. it seems that your cadence sensor is broken. it could happen. try if you see the same on the echelon app. if so you should contact echelon support or buy a cheap cadence sensor

  101. Would it be possible to configure the app to work with an old Computrainer? I am trying to use an old Samsung Note 8 to re-broadcast the Computrainer signal to Zwift on Android. Using Ant Tester, I can see that the phone sees the Computrainer connected via USB. But QZ does not see the data from the Computrainer. I believe I have the Advanced Settings parameters set correctly. (Note while the Ant Tester app sees the Computrainer, the computrainer FEC cable does not keep the lights on after it is plugged into the phone).

    1. Hi James, i don’t know what it is a Computrainer 🙂 anyway it has only ant+ or also usb? if you want open all the specs of this device to my github page and i will add it if possible! Now here is 11pm so I’m going to bed 🙂 I will check your github post tomorrow

      1. Thanks for your response. Computrainers are the old original smart trainer and connect via USB they are still in use by lots of riders. There are many people looking for an Android solution for Computrainers. There is a windows bridge to transmit Computrainer signals to Ant+ https://perfprostudio.com/WebHelp/CTBridge/index.htm?page=Setup.html. And there is a current project on GitLap https://gitlab.com/bingham34/ble-computrainer-ftms to bridge Computrainer USB to BLE – maybe there is useful specs and codes there. That project mentioned that they used open source code from Golden Cheetah which connects to the Computrainer https://github.com/GoldenCheetah . Or if there is a signal capture program for windows you can suggest to read and capture the signal from the Computrainer, I could install it and send you the output. Thanks for taking a look!

        1. but on android you would like to connect the usb directly? or you were thinking about a man in the middle? the simplest solution that comes to my mind is a qz version for the raspberry that connect via usb to the computrainer and send information by ble and wifi to android. do you have in mind something different?

          1. Yes It could be on a Raspberry, but I have an old Samsung Note 8 (which has ANT+) so was initially thinking of that. Per my comment above I can connect the Computrainer via USB to the Note 8 and the Ant Tester app sees it. I just dont have a way to rebroadcast the signal.

          2. It’s not clear to me how your samsung note 8 can see it by ant tester app if, in order to send ant+, you need an external software on windows. For what I understood this computrainer has only a serial port to talk. Am I wrong?

          3. The Computrainer connects to a FTDI connector which then goes to a USB c. Another cycling training company Baron Biosysystems which makes the Xert training platform had an Android driver which permitted a controllable USB Computrainer connection but had discontinued it by the time I started using the platform.

            You can see in the picture below that AntTester sees the Computrainer (connected by ID 1002) but the FTDI cable lights are not illuminated (there are red and green activity lights in the clear USB conection cover)

          4. Hah perfect! So you are using a serial port directly on android. Now it has sense 🙂
            I suggest to start a new GitHub ticket in the qdomyos page in order to start the development!

  102. I just bought an Echelon EX-4s+ spin bike and following all the directions in this article cannot get the qdomyos-zwift app on my iphone to connect to the bike, except momentarliy for a second and then it loses it. My bluetooth is turned on and my phone oicks up the ipad I am running the Peleton App on but not the Echelon bike. I repeatedly tried to start apps in the order listed: Echelon bike > qdomyos-zwift app on iphone > peleton app on ipad.

    1. First of all: is the echelon app working on this setup? I’m asking this because it could possible that you have an hardware issue on your bike. Let me know

  103. Trying to connect with nordictrack x22i. Completed the setup as described above but it seems to still not find the device on Bluetooth, even with the specific ip address. Any ideas?

  104. Hi, i bougth the app, all seems to work fine, but i have à little problem with fulgaz, When i start a ride, the speed is long to increase and it’s the same things when i stop à ride, the speed decrease slowly. Maybe a setting’s problem?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Yannick, are you seeing the same on QZ? If not, please check if there is any average speed setting on fulgaz directly
      Let me know

      1. Hi, i cheked some setting in fulgaz ans it’s better. I made another try with kinomap And after setting the soft, it’s seems to be better.
        I will made some other ride to confirm it.
        Thanks for tour hèle.
        Regards yannick

  105. Hi there, is there a way to connect my Garmin Watch to The QZ app so that it knows my heartrate? I currently use QZ app to upload to strava post-ride, but I’d like to link my Garmin heart rate if possible. Thanks!

  106. Hi Roberto. Thanks for this app, it is very good. However when I use it with my Domyos Elliptical trainer which uses the EL-2421 display the Watt reading appears to be Incorrect and the value is determined by the RPM only and.not the level. The kcal reading appears to work correctly though. Is there a way to correct the Watt reading in the settings or is this a bug? Thanks

    1. hi! elliptical wattage is determined by inclination and current speed. is the inclination reported correctly on qz?

      1. There is no inclination setting for this particular cross trainer, I can only change the resistance. This can be changed either using the control panel or the app but it has no effect on the watts only the kcal/minute.

        1. hah ok so you should open a ticket on the github page of qz telling me some wattage point for each resistance because i don’t know how wattage is every level of your elliptical. let me know

          1. The problem is that the elliptical doesn’t report the wattage on the display. There is an app for it which I don’t think reports the wattage either but I can check later. Is it possible to derive the wattage from the kcal/minute reading?

          2. yes it should be possible but only if the kcal are from the machine itself. but are you setting your weight on the elliptical? if not the kcal can’t be right, don’t you think?

  107. No, the Domyos E-comnnnected is very basic and I can’t see wattage anywhere. User weight can be set in the app but It doesn’t seem to have any impact on the kcal/minute. I think this is potentially calculated by the machine based on the energy required to turn the wheel at a particular speed and resistance which I think is probably independent of weight? It may even come from the wattage but the wattage just doesn’t get reported anywhere. Anyway, the kcal/minute on the machine seems to match what is on QZ so it looks to be coming straight from the machine.

    1. kcal is about weight and wattage and sex. so it can’t be directly to wattage.if you have some other idea I will be happy to implement it!

      1. I think you are giving Domyos too much credit:). My guess is that the elliptical is sending wattage to the display which is then converted using a very simple approximation, possibly kcal = wattage X hours X 3.6 as is used in cycling. I believe this as the panel has no way to enter the weight or gender of the user. Even when using the Domyos E-Connected app, after entering weight and gender there is no change in the kcal values. Would it be possible to derive wattage from the formula above to give a rough approximation which could then be refined using the wattage multiplier in the settings?

        1. it’s possible but the wattage is not from the elliptical itself, it’s from qz. the elliptical as far as i know it doesn’t send the wattage. does it instead?

          1. Yes, I believe the wattage being reported on QZ will be calculated by QZ. However, the kcal on QZ seems to match the kcal on the elliptical display so what I think would work is an option to switch the wattage calc in QZ to use wattage = kcal/min X 60 / 3.6,or something similar to that. Does that seem reasonable to you?

          2. i can try! could you please create a github ticket on the qz page about this? thanks!

  108. Brilliant! Just wanted to say this worked out of the gate. Took me a little while to figure it out, but works! Very cool and makes the Echelon bike pretty awesome (aside from the seat!)

  109. Hi Roberto,
    I’ve been using Strava for all my sport activities (biking, skiing, running, etc.)
    I travel a lot and i often use hotel gym equipment, they use various types of exercise bikes and threadmills.
    I am curious if your app will allow me to send data from gym bikes to Strava? how will that work?
    Is there a list of devices supported by your app?

    1. absolutely yes! qz is acting like a collector stats from all the bluetooth and wifi fitness devices and it has strava upload feature builtin in! if a device it’s not compatible i can add it in a couple of hours! the only devices that aren’t compatible actually are the peloton devices

  110. I have a Nautilus 616. The app will connect to blu2, but the metrics stay at zero as I ride. What can I do to fix?

    Andrew S

  111. I was able to use connect to Zwift about a week ago – everything worked as described.
    Since then i also tried Peloton, it also worked nicely, however I still don’t understand when i should click ‘YES’ to synchronize the resistance with the video – but that is not my main issue.

    I got back to Zwift today and i couldn;t connect the power source. I was able to connect heart rate (APple Watch running QZ app), and Cadence was also connected from my iPhone, when i clicked ‘search’ under power source I saw empty list – my iPhone was shown there. What could cause this situation?
    What i found interesting – when i clicked ‘search’ under SPeed Sensor it showed “Wahoo something” and it let me choose my wheel size. – i thought this was weird and i must had changed something in app settings.
    Can you help?

    1. for zwift you need to disable the peloton cadence sensor settings. also the wahoo kickr device is the virtual wifi based sensor from qz , it’s good too.

      for peloton instead did you add your credentials in the qz settings?

      1. Ok, i will check this tonight. Do you mean the ‘Cycling Cadence Sensor (Peloton compatibility)’ should be OFF to use Zwift?

        As far as Peloton: should I use my username or email address? Also, do i need to enter anything in P2P username and password?

        Thank you for your help

        1. yes that setting must be off in order to run zwift

          the peloton username is just the username not the email. when you restart qz you have to see a green check mark next to the username if you’re logged ok!

          leave pzp username as it is, don’t touch it

          let me know

          1. I do see a green check-box, near the password, not by the username – see attached picture.
            Is that still ok?

          2. I connected to Zwift according to your suggestions.
            One thing I found interesting: the option “Power sensor as a Bike”: I need to turn it of to connect to Zwift but then I need to turn it ON to wee Watt output in Zwift. Have you seen this before?

            Also, I started Ramp Test and the resistance set by Zwift is way too high. Setpoint was 24 at 100 Watts (I must pedal <50rpm to stay around 100W) and it went higher than 32 at 120 Watts.
            32 is max for my Echelon

            Which setting I should play with?

          3. Hi Rafael for both the issues i guess you have some settings wrong. please open a ticket on github attaching a debug log. thanks!

          4. i was able to fix both issues below by removing and re-installling QZ App. Zwift works beautifully.
            Thank you

  112. Still no info populating on iOS app – Do I need to set the S22i into Privileged mode each time it’s rebooted or will the Companion app auto-start? Should Treadmill as Bike be checked? iOS app sits at Connecting… I also confirmed I can ping the bike from my iPhone

    1. Do you see the tiles on qz? The companion app is running? Companion should auto start but check it
      Treadmill as a bike is not for bikes 🙂

      1. Yes, tiles are visible but no data in any of them with the iFit in Manual mode and showing the track. To confirm I am putting the S22i bike IP address under the Treadmill Options -> Proform/Nodictrack Options -> Proform IP correct? Do I need to change any settings under the Bike Options section? In Experimental Features I have Enable Virtual Device, Virtual Device Bluetooth, Zwift Force Resistance, Wahoo Direct connect and Android WakeLock enabled (some were default) – If you’d like to do this via email let me know, I’ll gladly give a decent PayPal donation if you can help me get this going!

        1. yes everything is correct, ok let’s put on github an adb logcat (using the button on the companion app or directly from your pc), it seems that the companion app is not sending information. let me know!

          1. sudo adb logcat is waiting for device (I use Mac) and the button on the companion app just sits there and never does anything

          2. Ok so use the button on the companion app directly, it will create a /sdcard/logcat.txt that you can add to a GitHub ticket to the qz companion app project

            Let me know (I’m going to bed soon, Italy here )

  113. Hi,
    I have just started using the app with an echelon connect 3 bike with the peleton app. My question is that the app seems to lag in time with the workout for the resistance. Is it important to start the app right when the work out starts or can you jump in at anytime?

    1. Hi, you have to press yes to the qz popup when the peloton timer is 0:00 after the intro. Then, since the peloton api can’t be precise to the 100% you can use the peloton offset tile to trim the remaining delay. Also i’m developing an auto sync function! Join the facebook group to know more about this!

  114. I just purchased the app. Got everything connected and functional.

    Using an Iphone with an Exchelon EX-3 bike.

    Just did a ride with Wahoo RGT using the auto-resistance.

    Is there any way to adjust the scaling for the auto-resistance function. Minor changes in slope on RGT resulted in large changes to resistance on the bike

    1. yes you have to use the zwift resistance gain and offset setting to do this. usually the zwift resistance offset for your bike is 18 (flat road). Let me know if you have any other questions!

  115. OK.

    Is there a listing of all of the parameters/variables along with what the default setting should be and what effect will result from changing the parameter/variable ?

  116. Is there any chance you could add support for the Nautilus T618 treadmill? There’s support for Nordictrack which is the same parent company, so hopefully shouldn’t be too difficulty maybe? I love your app and use it daily with my Echelon EX5, and would love to be able to use it with my Nautilus T618 treadmill as well. Cheers!

      1. I did, and while it connects to your app, the Start/Pause button just blinks red no matter what, and nothing is transmitted or shows up on Zwift. Are there any extra features or settings that need changing? I can send screenshots or logs.

  117. Greetings Roberto,

    We spoke together about a year ago following receipt of my NT C1750 (2021) Treadmill. I was so excited to learn that you have developed QZ Companion. I have rigged up my C1750 so that it is always in “privilege mode” and prevents any iFit updates. I have successfully installed QZ Companion on my machine and am receiving speed and incline to my iPhone.

    However, (1) Zwift doesn’t see the “Wahoo Tread” sensor, instead it see’s “Jim’s iPhone” sensor, which properly records speed on Zwift. However, Zwift is not receiving INCLINE data. (???). (2) The QZ Companion and/or QZ App doesn’t seem to be controlling the C1750 incline (i.e. auto-incline).

    All functions for the QZ App are as per the “readme” GitHub file.


    Jim Crocker

  118. I have been using the app for a couple of weeks. Everything had been working well.

    Bike is an Echelon EX-3. QZ app on an older IPhone running IOS 13.4. I have been trying both Zwift and Wahoo RGT on a newer Iphone running IOS 16.1

    When I tried to ride today, the QZ app would communicate with the bike, but it would not communicate with either Zwift or RGT on the other Iphone.

    I tried running things in reverse with QZ on the newer Iphone and Wahoo RGT on the older Iphone and it worked properly.

    I tried rebooting all of the devices and that didn’t change anything. Any idea what might be going on here ?

  119. I only want to thank you for this app, it’s worth buying 100%. I have Domyos EB Fold and I used it with the Kinomap app but since I discovered your app I’m able to use it with Zwift as I wanted before. So, once again, thank you very much.

  120. Hi Robert, love your app. Using FulGaz but calculating watts is too low and reactive mode skips and is not like in steady mode.

    Just purchased Wahoo cadence sensor and awaiting delivery. . Will the sensor interact with your app and is it compatible with Ful Gaz and Zwift? Thanks, John

    Any issues with compatibility and installing would be appreciated.

      1. Hi Roberto will cancel, I am cycling at 90 RPM but I shouldn’t care about Watts?

        With my Ful-gaz, the REACTIVE MODE sucks. I have spin bike but the reactive mode does not show any acceleration or resistance. Can you help?

      2. I apologize if this is already covered. I have read so many comments and your very clear instructions but still cannot get it correct. Good signal between your app and Zwift. However, even though I believe I am going near 17 mph etc zwift only reads 16 watts, 54 rpms, and 5 MPH. Joggers are passing me lol.

          1. I have the Echelon x5. no resistance set yet. I would like to first calibrate/ fix the speed to come close to actual speed. right now it is so slow joggers run by me

          2. speed is releated to wattage on zwift. so you have to increase resistance to have more wattage and so more speed on zwift. it’s how zwift works 🙂

          3. Sounds good! Can increase the resistance in the app somewhere to try and match my true resistance? I did try manually increasing it on the machine to where I could barely turn the Pedals and the watts never changed.

  121. Hi, I have an echelon bike EX3, I’m using your app for Zwift, and the data works fine (it drops sometimes then reconnects) but I have to manually put the resistance on my echelon. All permissions are set so that it should enable resistance on the echelon, I also watched the video on zwift integration above, but resistance isn’t working.

  122. Roberto, I am purchasing a WAHOO CADENcE sensor, not a speed sensor. Does that help me? Thx, John

    1. Hi, why do you want to buy a cadence sensor? qz reads already cadence from the bike. is the cadence sensor builtin with the bike broken?

      1. Thanks will cancel order. Can you suggest ways to improve the video in FulGaz when in the Reactive mode. The video skips and does not increase my speed when pedaling. Just follows the steady mode speed.

        I will download a video and see if that helps. Using an Echelon 5s. Regards, John

  123. The app is great. Thanks for the assistance.

    Ended up having to re-install the app and everything is working fine now.

  124. Hi Roberto, love the app and using it with my Echelon EX-4x+ spin bike. I’m not using the Echelon or any other riding app right now. I just bring up your QZ app on my iphone, jam some tunes, and ride. My issue is, the cadence, speed, and distance are all inflated and not matching my actual rpm, mph, or miles. They are all related so it makes sense if the cadence is off so is the speed and distance. I think I counted 80 rpm but the bike was registering around 90 rpm. So a 30 min. ride has me averaging 20 mph and covering 10 miles, instead of the more realistic 12 mph and 6 miles distance. Can you help? Thanks, Michael

    1. hi cadence is directly read from the bike. for a more sense distance and speed enable the speed based on power setting. Let me know

  125. Hi,

    I’m running QZ on iphone 12 mini, running Peloton on iPhone 6. The Peloton sees qdomyos-zwift for HR and cadence, but when I tap on qdomyos-zwift, it says it cannot connect. Any ideas why this is happening?

    1. Hi Greg, it’s a classic iOS issue. Reset the network settings on the iphone 6 and restart it. It should fix the issue. Let me know!

  126. Hi
    I am running the app on iPhone 14 pro and Swift app on Apple TV. I was able to see the phone in the pairing on Zwift once – but I don’t see it any more – I have tried restarting both the phone and Apple TV many times but dont see the phone in the Zwift pairing menu on appletv

  127. Hi Roberto,
    Thanks a lot for your hard work and for your availability and kindness…
    Could you explain me the procedure (is it possible?) to use IFIT with your app and a treadmill (that works perfectly well with Zwift with The help of qz)
    I read that you have to use android iOS at the same time ?
    Is it also possible to have virtual run (garmin fenix 6x) with this setup?
    I was wondering because my treadmill isn’t recognized with iFIT app on iPad (decathlon T900)
    Thanks a lot by advance

      1. oh ! i see ! Once again thanks a lot for taking time to answer!
        Do you have more or less a timetable for this feature ? 1 month ? 1 year ? (no pressure at all !!) 😊
        i also wanted to know if it’s possible to use virtual run garmin with fenix with qz only and the gpx import feature ? it didn’t work here….
        Thanks a bunch and take care !

        1. i guess i can do this during the summer break. it’s really a complex task.

          about the virtual garmin i don’t understand which is your target: do you want to send the qz speed to the garmin? or the opposite?

          1. thanks !! fingers crossed for the ifit / decathlon T900…..😊
            In fact i would like to have the benefit of training load garmin with the gpx file import in your app.
            When i import the file in qz i am ready to train but the garmin watch doesn’t recognise anything and i can’t count that session on my garmin connect…..do you have any suggestion?
            Thanks Roberto !! 👍

  128. i see…….i read your post, but didn’t made the relation with my problem…..i guess using a rasperry is a bit too technical for my skills….unfortunately……and i guess i am now stuck….and don’t know what to do (a little bothered with zwift, i wanted to train with maps….ideally street wiew) think i will come back to kinomap… waiting for ifit…..Thanks a lot again for your availibity and patience, i wish you the best


    1. but also with kinomap you have the garmin issue, isn’t it? also the street view gpx feature is already available in qz, the only missing point is the garmin compatibility. maybe you can just import the fit file to garmin to obtain the metrics to the watch?

      1. i managed to get the training effect (charge, load) using kinomap…
        Wow ! the streetview gpx is already available in qz? i didn’t see it !!! how is that possible ?
        Is that because of the beta ?
        and yess i could try to import the fit file from qz in connect after the session ends….will it make possible to gather charge information? i don’t know

        1. i don’t if it gather them but you can try with a simple fit file from qz!

          yes the gpx is already available! on the left side bar press gpx, choose one and then press stop and start on qz and you will see a map icon in the right corner!

          let me know!

  129. i will try with the fit file export and let you know for sure !!
    When you say street view ? is it the map ? or also the street view images that goes along your path ?
    Thanks again !!!!! (i will let you work)

    1. Hi, new user to qz. Trying to find the saved fit file, I checked android/data/org… and see slot of files and a hpy and training folder, but no fit file. A bit more explanation how to find it would be very helpful. And even better make the folder configurable or let the user browse.

  130. yess sure i understand it perfectly and i may imagine 👍
    hope to be able to get the training session statistics and load to garmin connect
    I let you know thank again !!!

  131. Hi,
    Amazing app, we tried it today on an Echelon Stride Treadmill with Zwift (Single Android Device)

    All worked fine but the avatar randomly stopped running and it required going into Zwift settings, unpairing and repairing (Switched from Wahoo Tread to Wahoo Kickr).

    That was not the main issue, the main issue is that the speed felt slow.
    Your app and Zwift said 10.3km per hr but the speed of the belt felt slower. We then disconnected the app and increased the belt speed to 10.3km per hr and it was much faster. It is almost as though the QZ app is reading a faster belt speed than reality and communicating that to Zwift.

    Any help on this? Android device was a Google Pixel 6, latest version of Zwift and brand new Echelon Stride

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks. qz is reading the speed directly from the treadmill. it could be a miles to km issue? so 1.6x difference?
      try to set the treadmill to miles unit. let me know

      1. Thanks for the response. I checked and you are right, the treadmill is definitely broadcasting km. There is no way I know of changing the Echelon to broadcast miles. I can use the Echelon app which can change the way it is displayed but then I can’t use QZ

        1. i can add a setting for this. let’s create a new ticket on the github page of qz and i will do in the next days!

  132. Hi, I just install qz 2.11.96 ios for my domyos eb520, it works great for Wahoo RGT on windows 10 and recognised as ble “qz”, but I noticed it not send heart rate ingrate with bike. Then I tried “wahoo direct connect” option, and virtual device bluetooth. This time RGT find wahoo kickr and HRM on wifi and domyos heart rate on blue tooth, but no more “qz”, and auto resistance set on lever 1 which use to be start on level 5.
    How could I reset the qz back to default setting? And this guide seems quite out of date, would you update the guide soon?