Elevate Your Zwift Experience with QZ App’s Newest Feature: Auto-Incline Adjustments


Exciting news for Zwift runners! The latest QZ (http://qzfitness.com) app update (version 2.16.30 or higher) introduces a groundbreaking feature that’s set to revolutionize your virtual running experience. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and workarounds; QZ now offers automatic incline changes synced with your Zwift runs.

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A First in the Virtual Running World:

QZ is proud to be the first and only app to offer this innovative functionality. With the latest update, you can fully immerse yourself in the Zwift environment as your treadmill automatically adjusts its incline to match the virtual terrain you’re running on. This seamless integration is not just about convenience; it’s about bringing a more realistic and engaging running experience into your home.

How It Works:

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply update your QZ app to version 2.16.30 or higher and enter your Zwift credentials into the app. Once set up, QZ will take care of the rest. As you traverse the virtual landscapes of Zwift, your treadmill will automatically adjust its incline to mirror the hills and slopes you encounter in the game. This feature is compatible with any treadmill that can connect to QZ, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

No More Meetups, No More Workarounds:

One of the most significant advantages of this update is the elimination of workarounds and the need for Zwift meetups. You no longer have to fiddle with manual settings or rely on external scripts to sync your treadmill’s incline with the game. QZ’s new feature streamlines the process, offering a plug-and-play experience that lets you focus on your run, not the setup.

Enhanced Training and Realism:

This automatic incline adjustment is more than just a convenience; it’s a tool that can significantly enhance your training. By accurately simulating real-world terrains, you can better prepare for outdoor runs and races. It also adds an element of realism to your workouts, making them more engaging and enjoyable.


The latest update to the QZ app is a game-changer for Zwift runners. With its unique auto-incline feature, QZ has set itself apart in the world of virtual running. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just looking for a more immersive treadmill experience, the QZ app is your key to a more realistic and effective workout. Upgrade to version 2.16.30 or higher today and take your Zwift runs to new heights!

40 thoughts on “Elevate Your Zwift Experience with QZ App’s Newest Feature: Auto-Incline Adjustments

    1. It’s already available in the beta!
      Did you already have the app? Are you able to change the inclination already from qz directly?

      1. Yes, I have the app and I’m able to change speed and inclination from qz.
        (Sole F85 treadmill, 2018 or 2019 model probably).
        Would love to get in on the beta 🙂

        1. Great! I’m sending it by email! Remember to add the zwift credentials in qz then.
          Remember also to rate the app on the store, it means a lot to me! Thanks

          1. Thanks for the quick reply! Got the beta and tested this last night, it worked great, adjusting inclination perfectly for terrain in zwift!
            I’ve already rated the app in app store 🙂

            Is there a setting I’m missing to enable auto-adjustment of speed as well in zwift “events”/group runs – where zwift tells you to set speed to set speed to something during warm-up and something else for intervals? Or is that not possible at present?
            (running qz on iphone, zwift on ipad)
            (I’ve read the user guide on facebook, and tried a couple of settings that looked somewhat related, but couldn’t get that to work)

          2. Hi, workout on mobile are handled for now only loading the ZWO file of the workout.
            On the QZ pc version instead you can have it using the OCR method (if you want to know more about it, I will give you a link on github about this).
            On mobile I will try to add the workouts too, but it will require more effort.

          3. Tried using a nightly build for windows earlier, but couldn’t get it to connect to anything (neither treadmill or apple watch).

            If there’s a specific build or method for this then sure, would love to try it out!

          4. you have to pair the treadmill first on the windows bleutooth settings and then open qz. I suggest to open a ticket on github to help you better than posting here 🙂

  1. Hi Roberto, I think this app maybe the device I need. I would like to buy a 2nd hand treadmill that can run with Zwift on my AppleTV. Where can I find the list of compatible treadmills so that I know which one I should buy?
    Thanks, Stephen

  2. Having a streamlined auto incline feature for zwift looks awesome, thanks for that!

    Can your app also auto adjust treadmill speed based on a predefined workout? I am looking for a way to run trainingpeak workouts on my treadmill without having to manually adjust the speed according to the workout. Ideally I would like to import the workout to zwift and then run it on zwift, but that would just be the icing on the cake.

    1. yes you can do it on mobile loading the same zwo file on qz, or the qz windows version using the ocr method. If you need more information about this let me know
      I’m planning to get workout data on mobile (like i’m doing for auto inclination) too but it requires a lot more effort.

  3. Hi, how do I get the beta for iOS please? It’s a great app but I would love the auto incline change without all the workarounds. Sounds exactly what I want but not sure how to get it.


        1. Hi, which treadmill do you have? the inclination plus and minus button are already working for your treadmill?
          let me know

  4. Hello! I saw on the list that speed and incline control aren’t available yet for the newer NordicTrack C1750. I also saw that the list hasn’t been updated since May 2023. Is there any update on when it may work with that one? I haven’t bought it yet but I’m interested in getting it.

    1. Hi, controls are available for all the nordictrack treadmills. In case yours isn’t support yet (but I guess it is) you just need to send me a screenshot of your tablet treadmill to map the coordinates
      Let me know

  5. Would love to get access to the beta! I’ve been able to control the incline of my tread manually with the app, but I really want to have Zwift control incline automatically.

  6. Hi Roberto,
    How do I get the latest version that features the treadmill auto incline please? I have version 2.15.4 at the moment from the IOS App Store. using the App Store link on the web page qfitness.com takes me to the App Store but the version there is still 2.15 and no update available.
    The app is excellent and I use it all the time to control my Domyos treadmill but would love to have the auto inclination working.

  7. Hi Roberto! Great work! Would you mind sending me the beta for iOS too? I‘m using a Nordictrack X22i treamill. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Are you already able to change the inclination from the QZ tile directly? It’s the requirement for the auto inclinationLet me know!

  8. Hello. You’ve created a great app. Could I please get the beta version for IOS as well. In version 2.15.4 the automatic height adjustment is unfortunately not possible. Thank you very much and best regards, Dirk Püschmann

    1. Hi, are you already be able to change inclination manually from the qz tile? This is the requirement for auto inclination

      Let me know

  9. Hello Roberto
    Congratulations to your work!
    I am now need to change my trademill for a new one, i am thinking in XTERRA 3500 (with Zwift conectivi included ) or also a used one REEBOK Astrolide A4.0, no conectivy to Zwift.
    Can you help me and say if these 2 models, are compatible to the QZ auto inclination feature?

    Thanks You
    PS. Sorry my english i am portuguese


    1. Hi Sergio, both of them should have the auto inclination with qz. In order to be sure I need to see a nrf connect screenshot about them. Nrf connect is a free app on the store

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