Garmin with Indievelo or Mywhoosh

Are you frustrated because IndieVelo and MyWhoosh don’t send your workouts to Garmin, leaving you without crucial Training Effect data? There’s a simple solution: the QZ app.

The Problem with IndieVelo and MyWhoosh

IndieVelo and MyWhoosh are fantastic platforms for virtual training. However, they lack direct integration with Garmin devices. This means your workouts aren’t automatically synced, and you miss out on valuable Training Effect insights that help optimize your training.

Why QZ is the Solution

QZ is a versatile app that bridges this gap. By connecting directly to your fitness device, QZ can send all your workout metrics in real-time to both Garmin and IndieVelo simultaneously.

Key Benefits of QZ:

  1. Real-Time Data Sync: Seamlessly sync your workout data to Garmin and IndieVelo.
  2. Comprehensive Metrics: Ensure all your training metrics, including heart rate, power, and cadence, are accurately recorded.
  3. Training Effect: Get the full benefit of Garmin’s Training Effect analysis to fine-tune your workouts.
  4. ANT+ Communication: QZ uses ANT+ to communicate with Garmin devices, a feature available only on Android. This means even an old Android phone (Android 5 and up) can be used to connect.

How to Get Started with QZ

  1. Download the QZ App: Available on Android. 2.16 version is required, join the beta from here if you don’t see it on the store
  2. Connect Your Devices: Pair QZ with your fitness equipment via bluetooth and your Garmin device using ANT+.
  3. Start Your Workout: QZ will handle the rest, ensuring all data is sent to both Garmin and IndieVelo.

Optimize Your Training Today

With QZ, you no longer have to choose between detailed workout data and the benefits of virtual training platforms. Enjoy the best of both worlds and take your training to the next level.

Don’t let technical limitations hold back your progress. Download QZ and start maximizing your workouts today!

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