Elevate Your Zwift Experience with QZ App’s Newest Feature: Auto-Incline Adjustments

Discover the latest innovation in virtual running with the QZ app’s new feature in version 2.16.30, offering automatic incline adjustments for Zwift runs. This breakthrough eliminates the need for manual incline changes or workarounds, providing a seamless, realistic running experience. Simply input your Zwift credentials in the QZ app, and your treadmill will automatically align its incline with the virtual terrain of Zwift, enhancing both training effectiveness and engagement. This unique feature, exclusive to the QZ app, is compatible with any treadmill connected to QZ, making it accessible to a broad range of fitness enthusiasts. Elevate your indoor running experience with this cutting-edge integration.


Maximize Your Workout Insights with the QZ App: Garmin Training Effect at Your Fingertips

Discover the transformative capabilities of the QZ app for indoor cycling and treadmill enthusiasts. Seamlessly connect your Bluetooth-enabled exercise equipment to your Garmin device using ANT+ technology, and access real-time training effect data on Garmin Connect. This post delves into the benefits of the QZ app’s universal compatibility with indoor bikes and treadmills, emphasizing its ability to provide professional-level workout insights. Explore how the integration with Garmin’s advanced analytics can enhance your understanding of each workout, helping you achieve your fitness goals more effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the QZ app opens up new possibilities for tracking and improving your workouts.

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