Supercharge Your Workout with Race Mode: Sending Metrics at 10Hz in Your QZ App


In the world of virtual cycling and training, metrics matter. The accuracy and frequency of data can make all the difference in providing a realistic and challenging experience for users. That’s where the new Race Mode feature in your QZ app comes into play. By sending metrics to Zwift at an impressive 10Hz (ten times per second), you’re taking your virtual racing and training to a whole new level. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the significance of this feature and explore how it can benefit both casual and competitive cyclists.

The Need for Speed

In the virtual cycling world, precision and realism are key. The data you receive from your smart trainer and sensors directly impacts your experience and performance. Traditionally, most apps and devices send data to platforms like Zwift at a rate of 1Hz (once per second). While this is acceptable for general workouts, it falls short when it comes to replicating the intensity and responsiveness required for realistic racing.

Race Mode in Action

Your QZ app’s Race Mode feature is a game-changer for cyclists who crave a more immersive experience. By sending metrics to Zwift at 10Hz, it means your data is updated every tenth of a second. This high-frequency data transmission results in several key advantages:

  1. Real-Time Responsiveness: With 10Hz updates, you’ll notice a significant reduction in data lag. This means your virtual avatar responds to your every pedal stroke and effort almost instantaneously, making your race experience incredibly lifelike.
  2. Precision and Accuracy: Racing mode ensures that your metrics are as precise as possible. Whether it’s your power output, cadence, or heart rate, you’ll get a real-time, granular view of your performance.
  3. Competitive Edge: For competitive cyclists and e-sports enthusiasts, Race Mode offers a competitive edge. You can now better execute race strategies, respond to attacks, and make split-second decisions based on real-time data.
  4. Enhanced Training: The 10Hz data rate is not only beneficial for racing but also for training purposes. It allows you to closely monitor your form, pacing, and performance during intense intervals, providing insights for improvement.

Overcoming the Firmware Bottleneck

While the Race Mode in your QZ app promises to send metrics to Zwift at a blazing 10Hz, it’s crucial to understand that not all devices can keep up with this pace. Most smart trainers and sensors are designed to transmit data at a slower rate, typically around 3Hz, as a standard.

The bottleneck, in this case, lies in the firmware implementation of these devices. Firmware acts as the intermediary between the physical sensors and the software applications. If the firmware is not capable of handling and transmitting data at a higher frequency, the advantages of Race Mode may not be fully realized.

However, Race Mode still offers an edge. By sending data at 10Hz, it opens up possibilities for future-ready smart trainers and sensors to provide a more responsive and accurate experience. As technology advances, we can expect firmware updates and new hardware that can harness the full potential of Race Mode.

In the meantime, users should check if their devices support this higher data rate. Compatible hardware will undoubtedly maximize the benefits of Race Mode, offering a smoother and more immersive cycling experience.


Race Mode in your QZ app represents a significant leap forward in the world of virtual cycling and training. The ability to send metrics to Zwift at 10Hz ensures a more lifelike and competitive experience, whether you’re racing or training. With a heightened level of precision and real-time responsiveness, this feature takes your virtual cycling journey to new heights. So, gear up, engage Race Mode, and get ready for a truly immersive cycling experience like never before!

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