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Hi everybody, qdomyos-zwift development is going really fast during the february’s weeks.

I added a LOT of bike to the compatibility list, so i guess it’s time to to a recap. In bold, you will find the one in beta (i should release the production version during this weekend).

  • all the Echelon bikes
  • all the Domyos bikes
  • all the Domyos treadmills
  • all the Domyos elliptical machinery
  • Yesoul S3 (M3 is currently on testing, if you have one, contact me)
  • Keiser M3i without the converter
  • Skandika Wiry bikes
  • Sportstech bikes
  • Inspire bikes
  • Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6 (with peloton realtime conversion thanks @Ken and @Dan!)
  • Toorx bikes and spinbikes
  • Fassi treadmills
  • all the Proform bikes
  • Proform treadmills (i need confirmation about this)
  • Flywheel bike (the calibration tool is here )
  • JK Fitness treadmills
  • Horizon treadmills
  • Toorx treadmills
  • Hammer Cardio Motion BT

If you have a bike or treadmill that it’s currently not in this list, please contact me. We will make it work 😉

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12 thoughts on “Schwinn, Inspire, Toorx bike and much more – qdomyos-zwift

  1. Hello,
    Is there any chance you would be able to add the Schwinn AC Performance with Carbon Blue to the list of compatible bikes?

    1. I think it’s already compatibile. Try it, if it doesn’t work i will make it work, no problem! Do you have android or iOS?

    1. What do you should see on the phone? The workout at the end or in real-time? For the real-time part you need a phone with ant+ (only android) and you can share power on ant+

  2. Hi. I am planing to buy a ASViva S14 Bluetooth Spinning Bike. Is Italien usable with your app? Or can you make it compatible?

    Kind regards

  3. Ciao Roberto,
    I’m not sure you are the right person to ask.
    I have a Schwinn bike 570R, which apparently communicates only with its iOS companion app “Explore the world” via Bluetooth, but this is an autistic app and it does not communicate with Apple Health 🙁
    It doesn’t even communicate with the latest Schwinn iOS app JRNY 🙁
    Is there any way to have my bike communicate via some app eventually to Apple Health?

    1. Hi! In order to be sure about this instal the free app nrfconnect and send me a screenshot about your bike from this appLet me know!

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