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Hi everybody, qdomyos-zwift development is going really fast during the february’s weeks.

I added a LOT of bike to the compatibility list, so i guess it’s time to to a recap. In bold, you will find the one in beta (i should release the production version during this weekend).

  • all the Echelon bikes
  • all the Domyos bikes
  • all the Domyos treadmills
  • all the Domyos elliptical machinery
  • Yesoul S3 (M3 is currently on testing, if you have one, contact me)
  • Keiser M3i without the converter
  • Skandika Wiry bikes
  • Sportstech bikes
  • Inspire bikes
  • Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6 (with peloton realtime conversion thanks @Ken and @Dan!)
  • Toorx bikes and spinbikes
  • Fassi treadmills
  • all the Proform bikes
  • Proform treadmills (i need confirmation about this)
  • Flywheel bike (the calibration tool is here )
  • JK Fitness treadmills
  • Horizon treadmills
  • Toorx treadmills
  • Hammer Cardio Motion BT

If you have a bike or treadmill that it’s currently not in this list, please contact me. We will make it work 😉

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10 thoughts on “Schwinn, Inspire, Toorx bike and much more – qdomyos-zwift

  1. Hello,
    Is there any chance you would be able to add the Schwinn AC Performance with Carbon Blue to the list of compatible bikes?

    1. I think it’s already compatibile. Try it, if it doesn’t work i will make it work, no problem! Do you have android or iOS?

    1. What do you should see on the phone? The workout at the end or in real-time? For the real-time part you need a phone with ant+ (only android) and you can share power on ant+

  2. Hi. I am planing to buy a ASViva S14 Bluetooth Spinning Bike. Is Italien usable with your app? Or can you make it compatible?

    Kind regards

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