qdomyos-zwift: Ant+ support, tiles reorder and much more!

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These are very busy weeks in qdomyos-zwift HQ (aka Maranello, Italy).
This is the actual change log currently in the beta version:

  • tiles order is now changeable in the settings
  • ANT+ compatibility added
  • start, pause and stop button works now for the bikes too
  • Schwinn IC4, Sportstech bike compatibility added
  • Inspire Fitness IC1.5 compatibility added
  • Fixed display speed and inclination error on some Domyos devices
  • Fixed max speed and average when the unit is miles
  • added an option to disable the wake lock for older androids
  • added an option to manual select your machinery
  • RGT Cycling compatibility added

Thank you guys for all the feedbacks!

18 thoughts on “qdomyos-zwift: Ant+ support, tiles reorder and much more!

  1. Hello,

    I am attempting to install qdomyos-zwift on a Raspberry PI 4 and when I run make -j4 I get

    schwinnic4bike.h:12:10: fatal error: QtBluetooth/private/qlowenergycontrollerbase_p.h: No such file or directory

    Any idea’s as to get past the error?

  2. Hi! I’m trying to use your app with my echelon bike and peloton app. In settings I am trying to get cadence, resistance, and output. I don’t see anything called output. Should I use watt? Thanks!

  3. Super cool to have found this app with the new bike I just got, here in Napoli. I would love to be able to connect my bike, Garmin and iPhone, but I didn’t see the ANTtester in the Apple App Store. Ideas? Grazie Mille!

    1. Hi Alyson! Ant+ is available only on android. iOS devices doesn’t have ant+ in the hardware. Which Watch do you have?

    1. do you want to use your fenix 5s for the heart rate? if so you should just buy an heart rate belt. It’s very cheap!

  4. Is there anything else that would be compatible? I have a Fenix 5s. Grazie!

    And I expect a bunch of new app users— we have 60 people buying Yesoul bikes this week in Naples!!

    1. Nope sorry, it’s not a qz limitation, but a Garmin one 😉 in the future i will try to use bluetooth garmin non standard protocol

  5. First of all, thanks for your amazing work!
    One thing I miss (I guess is feasible) is to program running trainings with your app, ie: lets say 10x400m at a determinated pace with 1min rest at a lower pace… Since your app is able to control the treadmill I guess you could implement that option. I think it would be big step up for domyos treadmills.


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