Proform TDF Studio bike supported!

QZ is not affiliated with or endorsed by any subscription service or maker of exercise equipment.

Finally is possible to use the Proform TDF Studio bike with Zwift!

How? Simply with QZ! You will need the version 2.8, if you can find ask me the beta access to

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8 thoughts on “Proform TDF Studio bike supported!

  1. Is proform tdf supported in the attached picture? I think it’s an old version and as far as I know it has wifi support. If QZ supports it, I’ll buy it to use on Zwift. Thanks.

    1. If it has Wi-Fi no. But if you are tech savvy we can try to collect info and then add it into qz! What do you think?

  2. I understand, I have no information unfortunately, then I will look at yesoul s3, but I do not know the power value it can produce. Yesoul’s flywheel is a bit small. Thanks.

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