qdomyos-zwift Weekly Update: Strava Autoupload, Flywheel and Toorx support!

Ok folks, these are the new features of the new version of qdomyos-zwif:

  1. Strava auto upload: you’re now able to connect your Strava account and when you will save a FIT file, it will automatically imported on your Strava Account!
  2. Flywheel bike support: with the help of an user (thanks Kevin), qdomyos-zwift now supports Flywheel bike! Give it a try!
  3. Toorx 3.0 treadmill support avaiable!
  4. Many connection bugs fixed!

5 thoughts on “qdomyos-zwift Weekly Update: Strava Autoupload, Flywheel and Toorx support!

    1. Just go back to the app, if you see the popup the strava connection is working. Anyway join the Facebook group called qdomyos-zwift, you will find useful information about this

      1. It looks like it worked according to the settings in my Strava account. Do I have to do this for each device I’m using QZ? I use two iPhones – one dedicated to the bike and the other for running/hiking

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