HASSIO: ffmpeg high cpu usage? use mjpeg!

Simple post to solve a little/big issue: i was playing with HASSIO and my ipcameras ( chinese nobrand 🙁 ) and i have a problem when i was using ffmpeg: even with a single ipcamera, i had 100% cpu usage. It was a nightmare!

Until i found mjpeg: infact, replacing ffmpeg with mjpeg i’ve dropped the cpu usage to near 0% in this way:


   - platform: ffmpeg
     input: rtsp://admin:xxxxx@


   - platform: mjpeg
     mjpeg_url: ""

Of course you need a ipcamera that supports CGI.

You can simple discover open ports on your IPCamera with nmap in this way:

nmap - 1-65535 $youripcamera


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