Garmin Varia on Apple Watch finally!

After 7 long years from the Garmin Varia announcement, I decided to finally create an Apple Watch (standalone, no iPhone required!) app!

Yes! You will be able to use your Garmin Varia without a Garmin watch/device and without a phone!

Major feature of this app:

  • Vibration/sound when a car is approaching
  • Apple Health integration
  • Auto start/stop workout when connected/disconnected from the Garmin Varia
  • Record GPS informations, KCal and Heart Rate on Apple Health

6 thoughts on “Garmin Varia on Apple Watch finally!

  1. Hi,
    I got the app and it mostly does what I expected except it doesn’t seem to send an audio signal through my AirPods when Varia detects a car. Is it designed to do that and I am doing something wrong? Anyway, please let me know. Thank you.

    1. hi, thanks to reaching me out. First of all do you hear the notification from the watch itself when the airpods aren’t connected? if not you have to enable the sound notification from the settings of your watch. let me know, if you want you can write me also to

    2. Hi Roberto
      I really like this app but just today it stopped sending haptics and sound to my watch. Is there a setting I’ve messed up somewhere?

  2. Hi Roberto, thanks so much for this! I’m about to buy a Varia and have been wondering about how to connect to alerts since I don’t use a computer or phone when riding. Just my Apple Watch. This solves the problem.

    One question: will your app also support the Magene L508??

    Many thanks, again.

    Doug Greene

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