DKN AM3i finally on Zwift and Peloton with QZ

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Finally is possible to use the DKN AM3i with Zwift and Peloton!

How? Simply with QZ!

7 thoughts on “DKN AM3i finally on Zwift and Peloton with QZ

  1. DKN AM-3i problems

    Hi, I have an AM-3i and want to be able to save my rides to strava (maybe link to zwift). I have purchased and installed your app on my ipad mini.

    When the apps runs, it detects the AM-3i, but is does not detect the speed etc. Is there a quick fix ?


  2. Hi, thanks for the quick response.

    I have turned on Toorx/iConsole Bike and it causes the bike to constantly reset itself
    I have tried turning on the Toorx 3.0 compatibility also without success

    Each time I restart the app and the bike

    Any thoughts ?


    1. in case someone has the same issue on ios, just disable the virtual Bluetooth setting in the experimental settings and restart qz

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