Favero Assioma Power Pedal and Peloton without a Peloton Bike

QZ is not affiliated with or endorsed by any subscription service or maker of exercise equipment.

Do you have a non-Peloton bike and you *need* to use your Favero Assioma Power Pedal on Peloton? Now you can with QZ!

You will have full access to Peloton metrics in realtime! (Wattage, resistance conversion, charts and much more!)

You will need version 2.8. If it’s not available, ask me the beta access to roberto.viola83@gmail.com !

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante il seguente testo "1:10 味 qDomyos-Zwift 07/12/21 30 min Power Zone Ride Ben Alldis Sun Aug 1 12:39:04 2021 Watt zone 7 zone 6 zone 5 zone zone3 zone 00:08 Watt AVG: 116 00:16 00:25 00:30 Watt MAX: 201 zone 5 Heart Rate zone zone 3 zone 00:08 Heart Rate AVG: AVG:132 00:16 00:25 00:30 Heart Rate MAX: 164"

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