qdomyos-zwift: Apple Watch support and more!

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Hi everybody, welcome to my blog! A lot of people are here for the first time so i would like to introduce my new app called “qdomyos-zwift” that can transform your dumb treadmill/bike into a zwift/peloton compatibile machine without any additional hardware!

My app runs like a bluetooth bridge from your machine to zwift/peloton and other 3rd party apps!

So let’s see how the development is going:

Apple Watch support

This is one of the main feature that i’m currently developping: on iOS my app can reads the heart rate in real time from your Apple Watch and it can log and send to other apps!

It’s currently in beta, but i will open it to anyone soon!

GPX/FIT file export

I recently added the possibility to export your session on GPX and FIT file in order to upload them to Strava or other cloud services. This feature is still in beta, but it works really great now. In the near future i will add automatic upload to Strava as well.

i-Running and Carnielli treadmills support

With the help of an italian user (thanks Giovanna!) i added the support for i-Running and Carnielli treadmills. So give it a try!

Average power tile

Sarah (thanks!) requests me to add a tile that shows the average power during your workout!

Calories tile

Thanks to Mark, i added a Calories tile for all the machine that doesn’t have this feature built-in.

Open Issues

Cadence at 0 to Peloton

I’m aware that some of you has an issue with Peloton that shows always cadence 0. I would like just to inform you that i’m running some tests with some of you, and i hope that will be fixed soon!

Frequent disconnections from Peloton or Zwift

Some of you, report to me that has frequent disconnection from Peloton or Zwift. This may be releated to other bluetooth devices around you and crappy bluetooth stack on your phone.

I added an expermiental feature called “relaxed bluetooth” on the setting page of my app. Try to turn it on and give it a try, and of course tell me if it’s better or not. I need always your help to improve the app!

Remember that if you have any issue, it’s very important to me to read the log files generated from my app.
On iOS you can find them in the “Files App” with the name “debug-dateandtime” on Android you can find them on the download folder of your phone.

Also remember that all this software is open source and you can find the source on github and you can also add bug or add features request there!

If you have any comments, please fill out the form!

26 thoughts on “qdomyos-zwift: Apple Watch support and more!

  1. I’m currently trying to figure out how this bridges with zwift? I have a echelon bike and have my iPad connected. Your app comes up and shows all data just fine. That works great. I load zwift up on same iPad and do not get it to connect. Your app is running still in background. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need two devices? One for your app and the one for zwift.

  2. This looks awesome. I’ve been bike shopping and this app is making me consider an Echelon because of the added flexibility this would give me. Do you happen to know if this works with the Echelon EX5? I was looking at the stuff on GitHub and it only mentioned the echelon sport connect model so I wanted to double check. Also do you think there’s any possibility of an auto resistance feature with echelon and zwift via this app in the future? I saw on some YouTube video that some echelon bike has digitally controlled resistance but as far as I can tell echelon isn’t using their own service to adjust the resistance automatically, was wondering if you knew anything about that. Cheers and nice work.

    1. Yes it already works with EX5! Oh i really didn’t know about these echelon bikes! Yes of course I will support them, i already support controlled resistance in domyos bikes!

  3. Just installed the app on my iphone. My Echelon Sport cadence not shows on the Peleton App, Thanks. Is the apple watch heart rate functional yet? Doesn’t show up. Do I need another app to transmit the HR data? Keep up the good work…

    1. Did you have the peloton setting ON?
      Yes Apple watch heart rate works too, you have just to open the app on the watch too!
      Tell me if you have any issue 🙂

  4. Peloton workaround and resistance on, added the app to the watch, opened and setup. Hit start and still no HR. I must have something else set wrong. Any other suggestions? Thanks

    1. You have to enable all the permissions request on the app on the watch and on the app on the phone.

      And cadence sensor on

  5. Got the heart rate working by disabling heart belt name. Now the only issue is this app and peloton are both reporting the same workout data to apple health and fitness. Is there a way to disable it on your app? Thanks

  6. Dear,
    Congrats for the achievement. I’m going to buy a t900c with your script too ;).

    Your controller+Zwift can control the treadmill hill during the run as Kinomap does?

    Next step is add Alexa features?:)


    1. Thanks! My app can control the inclination but zwift doesn’t implement it already. When they will do, my app will be already compatible 😉

      Yes, i have already a Alexa task on github 😀

  7. Can you add an Apple watch complication for easy launching? Heart Cast has similar complication. This helps reducing time to search the app on the tiny screen. Also, on the mobile can we get a history or chart for calories and kilo joule to track progress?

    Love the app as always.

    Thanks bunch!

  8. Hello. Your app is great with an Intense Run treadmill. The ability to create training sessions especially for interval training is nice.
    Do you plan to broadcast the incline and the speed to a Garmin watch for example ?
    This way we could have the firstbeat datas.
    At the moment I’m performing this with a Runn sensor from Northpole.

  9. First of all thank you for your QZ iPhone and Apple Watch apps that connect with my new Echelon indoor cycle!

    I have been using your apps for over a week and I have noticed that the completed workout does not display in the iPhone’s Fitness app until I do my next workout – even after a couple of days.

    Is there a setting that I can change or troubleshooting I can do?

    Also, I would like to know what is the proper way to end a workout in your app? Up until now I have tried clicking Stop on the Apple Watch (heart rate), closing the app and disconnecting from the bike. If possible, I would like to know the trigger that transfers the workout data to Apple Health/Fitness so that I can ensure that I do this step.

    iPhone 11 Pro: iOS 14.7.1
    Apple Watch Series 6: 7.6.1 (18U70)

    FYI – I have worked in application development and am very comfortable with technology & troubleshooting

    Thanks in advance for your assistance

    1. Hi Robert, thank you for reporting this! Yes i saw the same thing on QZ facebook group. I will try to fix this this weekend.

      The stop button on the apple watch is the trigger for the upload but probably something still be in queue.

      P.S. are you on the QZ group on facebook?

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