Peloton Free without VPN

A lot of qdomyos-zwift users ask me about how getting the Peloton app and subscription even if they are outside US or UK.

This little guide will guide you through it and you will be able to join peloton with your decathlon/domyos/proform/etc bike!

Requirement: iOS device

  1. Setup a new iCloud account: it will be a fake one. I know it’s against the rules, but it will need only to have access to the Peloton app, nothing illegal about this. So, this account, must be a US account: you will have to choose US in the “Location” field.
  2. Open the app store, disconnect from your current user and select the new user that you created: don’t worry, you will not lose noone of your app on the iOS device.
  3. Search for the peloton app and download it
  4. Change the location of your fake account: you will have now to enter your current country on that fake account
  5. Add the payments info on the fake account: for example your VISA card or your paypal account. Don’t worry, you will have a 1 month free from peloton!
  6. Open the peloton app, and sign up with the current fake account
  7. Subscribe to it and you’re done!
  8. Now open the qdomyos-zwift app and you will be able to join peloton from your device!

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